I: Inspiration & Motivation

Happy Monday!!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  We had a nice one around here and hit up a zoo we've never been to, ran some hard/long workouts, and got some glorious thunderstormy weather.  The only downside was it went too fast, like usual!!

The first week of the alphabet I was all jazzed about, but it's getting harder already.  For I, I decided to list ways to find running /fitness inspiration and motivation.  The next month my mind is basically going to be 8:2, running:life.  The rest of the time it's closer to 5:5...maybe...

(No affiliate links or anything of that nature.  I just like the stuff.)

Momentum Jewelry:  I like these because I can wear them here in sweaty Arizona and wash the wrap.  It's nice to look down at your Garmin and see some some motivation next to it.

Inspirational desk calendar:  Everyday has a spot for mileage and a quote of some sort.

Motivation shoe tags /bracelets:  You can get customized tags here at my friend's shop.

Follow along:  Find favorite runners on either Facebook or Instagram, or better yet, read their blog!

Display your own medals/bibs:  Help motivate your own self!  After all, it's really just you that you're competing with.  I love to look at certain race medals and think about all the training that went into getting them, plus memories of the races themselves.  Each medal is the final piece to months of hard work.  Right now my favorite medal is the orange one, dead center!!  I hope to replace it as fav here in a few weeks.

Mantras:  Shut up legs.  You got this!  I can do this.  I can and I will!  These come in handy during the last few painful miles when you no longer feel in control of your legs and you start yelling at them like a crazy person.

YouTube:  Find videos posted about a race you would love to run, whether they are official race videos or someone's personal account of the race.  I Google and YouTube search every race I plan to run to find out as much about it, and to get as stoked for it as possible.  I also like to look up videos or documentaries on Olympians or other talented athletes.  (I've posted this video a few times.  I just love it!!)

& quotes, of course!!:



  1. I want to want to run! Happy a-z!

  2. Wow those customized tags look great, and your collection of race medals is amazing, well done!

    @LunaNoctis from There She Goes

  3. People think I'm crazy on the trails. After a long day and my legs feel like jello I say out loud to myself "come on legs, come on legs" lol has to sound crazy