J: 1st Job (and 2nd and 3rd and so forth)

What was your first job?

I have only had five jobs in my whole life!  My first job was with a company called Hapitok when I was something like 12.  My friends, sister, etc., and I made jewelry for somebody in our ward/church and they sold it in the mall.  It was actually a lot of fun and depending on how fast we could make the bracelets equaled how much money we'd make.  The bracelets had many different beads from all over including home made clay ones!  I still have one of the bracelets today, but I can't say I've worn it much, it's just a souvenir lost somewhere in my jewelry collection.

I also worked at Coldwell Banker in highschool through my first years of college (the one in Clearfield by Tepanyaki before it changed to I think ES3?), followed by Famous Footwear in the Layton mall, and then the job I have now, where I'm on my 10th year of employment, five years in the office and five years remotely!  I mostly stare at AutoCAD all the day long, broken up by a cute little boy who wants to play.

For the last couple of years of college I also worked part time at a tanning salon that a high school friend opened up, Illusion Beach.  It was a fun gig that ended when they told me I needed to work more hours and I literally had no more hours in life available.  But fun for awhile!

We got spray on tans and then stood outside with signs when it first opened.    I think this was ten years ago?


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