K: 42.195 Kilometers

It's been a couple a weeks since my last update so while brainstorming the letter K, Ben was like "kilometers!!"  So walah, a marathon update was born.  

The picture up top is from my last long run, it's where I set up my "aid station."  (Don't fret, I get the trash afterwards....below.)

Just over three weeks until my next shot at 26.2, and something like three days until our next race.  Everything has been going well with training, some days I nail the paces with ease, other days it's 95 degrees and I hope that's why it feels so much harder.  We hit 97 once, but luckily the temps backed down and I'm hoping they don't skyrocket again until mid May, please.

One morning around 6, there were a couple of hot air balloons getting ready to take off on the side of the road because they literally take off and land anywhere they please, which rocks, honestly.  I was hoping to catch them on their lift off to snap some fabulous runfies with them, but I was around the block by time they finally went up.  

I wasn't planning on setting a goal on this upcoming 1/2 due to the timing with Mt. Charleston, but Charlie said let's run a 1:53 and use it as a split long run (run again the next morning), so that'll be my goal!  An 8:36 pace.  I'll honestly take anything less miserable than Phoenix.

Earlier this week the forecast for race day said snow, yesterday it said wind.  lol  Of the three years I've done SL, the weather was good once, and it was the year I walked it cuz I was prego and avoiding high impact.  So here is to fabulous weather and a fun fam time.


  1. The hot air balloon pic was still cool :)
    Salt Lake's weather is always super crazy. One year we're gonna have to run in ponchos I swear, and then snow shoes, and then speedos with umbrellas to block the sun, etc..
    This'll be the first race everyone can watch me finish :) #imslownow

  2. I went blogging AWOL, so I have lots to catch up on! I hate that it's already hot here. Boo.

    I love watching the hot air balloons in the morning. Although, I would have sat around waiting just for the picture because #priorities

  3. I hate not knowing what the weather will bring for a race. But that is also part of the fun! The mystery and figuring it out as you go on race day. I also like using races as training runs. Makes training much more fun!