L: Life Lately

Life lately according to us/ Bentz!  Interchangeable.

This spring we've picnicked at the park a few times, specifically ones with big hills that B3 can run down as fast as possible.  I wish I could easily post a video of one of his downhill running face plants.  lol  SO CUTE.  #scorpion  #nottheactualscorpion  He gets right back up and keeps going.

The nights are still chilly, except for this 97 degree day's eve.  Perfect for nekkedness.

We took a family trip to the airport to watch the planes up close and personal.  We want to go back to the airport restaurant sometime, to watch the planes from the patio!  TBC.

They play with bubbles in the nursery so I had to go out and buy some for home too.  He even calls them "buhbuhs."

We chased a hot air balloon to its landing one evening.  They go down pretty fast, and you can usually tell where they'll land based off of where the white passenger van with a trailer is parked, which goes to fetch them.  This particular evening we chased it down and got out of the car near the van, when suddenly it sped off!  Change of plans, perhaps to the other side of the power lines?  We called it good though, kid was already out of the car seat.  I do swear we will be even more successful the next time around!!

The only evidence that we wore green on St. Patty's.  I also wore green on my run because it's very important.  And the eyeshadow.  For sure.

B3 rediscovered the corner plant.  That was annoying as, but it seems he got it out of his system.  He did look cute though, which is very hard to "punish."

Other adventures as of late include walks (with bunny), climbing big rocks, throwing little rocks everywhere, and spontaneous Goldfish cracker picnics on the sidewalk.  He always has to sit when he wants lots of Goldfish.

We went through a Legos-on-the-fingers phase, and sometimes he still enjoys this one.  He's even gone as far as four at once.

B3 still enjoys looking for hot air balloons in the morning, although they seem to be going up much earlier these days.

Still drinks his beloved Pediasure ^^

Anyone who has had a kid tells you not to get used to a pattern because as soon as you do it'll change!  Well for 2-1/2 glorious months we didn't have any teething, we napped twice a day for two hours each (well he did, I wish I did), and every meal was a clean plate!  Man, that was great!!  BEING A MOM IS EASY.

Suddenly he hated his naps, both of them.  He threw all his favorite foods on the ground, every food, actually.  He was grumpy from sun-up.  He started chewing on his hands and everything constantly.  Ohhhhh the signs it was back...TEETHING, and to a whole new level.

Now he falls asleep anywhere and everywhere but his bed, or I have to sit by his crib and talk to him while he cries for like 15 minutes and finally zonks.  Naps are not easy these days!  I sure hope these molars don't take months like I've read.

LOVE HIM and his ever growing mohawk.