N: Neighborhood Update

An update, because there really isn't one, which is one in and of itself because our neighborhood is still safe, and safe it shall stay (hopefully, a neighbor's house IS for sale).

If you have no idea what I'm talking about and care to, you can read previous posts:

A month ago the cops came out and cleaned the crime house out of the occupants and the bank started the foreclosure process.  The owner-ish, was arrested for something like "fail to appear in court" or something small, and the others I think just left since they all were squatting.  He got out of jail the next day and the whole neighborhood was prepped and ready for him to try to get back into the house that night.  Seriously, nothing brings a neighborhood together quite like criminals living in it!

One of the neighbors was like, "we fully expect him to try to come back tonight and we're ready."   That night Ben and I both saw cops parked down the street, I think they expected it too.  Shashi has been arrested numerous times over the years and he always comes back.

The house was boarded up, they even used nice fiberglass/plastic in the front so it doesn't look like a total trash eye sore.

It's such a cute house too!  I wonder what it looks like inside.
The view from the park ^^

The cops have had a steady presence in the neighborhood which is kind of nice.  They are always in herds too, and they park at night close to the house, and just circle around a lot.  Now that the "owner" is gone, it will take a minute or two for his occupants to stop arriving, if you will.

I chatted with one of the cops and he said technically they can live peacefully on the property until the foreclosure process is complete, which means they can live in the backyard.  There's no "peaceful" way to get inside.  I guess considering they haven't had power or plumbing for a year +, living in the yard is possibly doable.

Two people have tried to re-enter and have been arrested.

But the good news is the officer said that other than that crime spot, we live in a great area and shouldn't worry.  I have run around murderer block numerous times in the last few weeks, many with the stroller!  It feels safe, the neighborhood kids are out playing in the streets, people play in the poo park, it might even be time to retire my nicknames.


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  1. Yikes! That's scary! Glad the cops are paying attention!