R: SLC 1/2 Marathon Race Recap

The race was awesome and the shirts turned out great!

Crazy thing, the day before the race it was a blizzard!!!  And the rest of that day it was gusty, freezing winds!  Utah pulled some magic and race morning was clear and the wind was totally gone.  The only downside was it was about 32 degrees at the start, but I'll take running in that over heat any day.  Once we got going we warmed right up, as long as we had gloves.

Rewind.  Race eve we all flew into SLC hitting the expo right after we landed (minus Jo who flew in later).  This year it was at the Utah Fairgrounds and was a bit bigger than I remember the SLC expo ever being.  In the parking lot next to it there was a Lambo and Ferarri racing around cones, so that was an expo bonus. 

My mom wanted to hold the barbeque sign.  lol  My mom is the coolest.  Still working on spreading the running disease to her.

That night we all split up, my siblings stayed with my dad and we stayed with my mom who was going to bring B3 to the finish line with her!  My parents are close to equal distance from SLC, but in the opposite directions.

Race morning we were up by 4:30 and out the door before 5.  We all met up in the Wells Fargo building parking structure, got lost trying to get out of it, finally got out of it, stood at the wrong Trax station, ran to the right station, jumped on Trax, and found ourselves at the start (up at the U campus) with a little less than optimal time for warmup and bathrooms.  By time we needed to line up, we had all separated and were individually trying to crawl up to our corrals.  We started all separated -- hahaha!  A few of us even ran similar paces but never saw each other.

^^ throw away/donation clothing + trash bags

I wanted to take the beginning of this race conservatively because I'm still terrified of the pain I had at Phoenix, cuz THAT SUCKED.  My genius plan almost backfired because my conservative effort + high elevation + bottleneck had me running in the 9:xx range for most of the first 5k, which was going to have me finishing about five minutes later than my 1:53 goal.  lol


Trying to do math while you're running is haaaaaaard.  I tried to figure out what I needed to make up for my first 5k, and all I could come up with was I was going to have to hammer down on the last 5k, after all the hills were behind me.  Basically take that 5k equally as fast (I have all sorts of genius plans). 

The middle miles weren't terribly steady paces for me, but the course also rolls a lot and I didn't want to fight the inclines.  I don't remember a ton of this part other than mile 6 felt terribly long since it was a slight incline into the blinding sun.

I picked it up for the final miles and even saw some 7:xx paces cross my watch (), and when I went to finish, I could see that the clock read 1:54:24!.... but I knew I started later so I kept on truckin', hoping for that 1:53.

Official time:  1:53:56  Wahoo!  A 24 second official PR for 1/2 marathon #11.  I will take it.

My cousin is a big runner as well and she's fast!!  I ran Ragnar with her seven years ago.  Her Insta is Runzaround.

Ben wanted to run a PR at this race (sub 1:34), and he was a little nervous because all the 1/2s since his back surgery have been pretty comfortable, but this one wouldn't be.  Well he lost his satellite (AGAIN) and had to run blindly and came in just seconds shy of a PR, so he was really bummed out about that, but I am really proud of him!!   I still think he can nail a 1:29 in 2-1/2 weeks because the course is faster, elevation is lower, and he just bought the new Garmin 630 (which I want to try out tonight since his workout is a treadmill one hehe).

The rest of my family rocked it as well, my dad came in with a new PR of 2:10 and that even included a bathroom break.

My mom knew the band members so we rocked out afterwards.  I always always freeze after running (even when I'm running in 100+ temps) and I think the temperature was 40 at the finish, so it was pretty chilly still, but really the race weather couldn't have been much better!!

Racing with the fam is epic!!  I wish they could all join us in 2+ weeks at our biggest race of the season, but we'll catch them at the bro's wedding in a few weeks.  


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  1. I can't believe there was a blizzard the day before! Crazy!!

    Congrats on the PR. Your whole family is crazy fast!