U: Utah

At the beginning of this A to Z challenge I had all these ideas, but then I came home from vacation and found myself a little overwhelmed trying to catch up with life, and here I am left with a whole week of the hard letters, like U V W X Y Z.

What should I blog about for the letter U?

Dallin:  "Unicorns.  Underwater squirrels.  Utah."
James:  "Uncle James.  Utah.  Ugliness."

I see a common theme here.  Utah.

I took this picture on a run in Utah County.  I love to run around this little pond --so pretty!

We flew up to Utah earlier this month and flying with a kid is a lot of work.  I like to start packing way in advance so we can get out of the house and to the airport with plenty of time to not be stressed, especially cuz we bring all sorts of baby food liquid crap through security so it takes a lot longer because they have to scan it and pat you down and scrounge through your luggage and so forth and on and on like this sentence.

Well we get all the way to the airport tram and I realized that we forgot B3's birth certificate which is required for him to fly.  I don't know how that happened because it's not like us to totally forget something important, but it never crossed our minds.  ??

So while I had an internal meltdown, Ben jumped in the car and sped away to try to get the certificate and get back in time.  We had 90 minutes to make an hour drive (round trip), park, tram, and get through security.  STRESS.  I started imagining missing our flight, missing the family, missing the race, etc, while trying to accept the fact at the same time.  We were hosed.

Dallin was with me so he helped me with all the luggage like the giant carseat, master B3, etc., and we decided to check all our stuff under Dil and me (the airline allows two free bags per person, + a carry on + purse, and carseats/strollers don't count as any of those = awesome).

The lady at the counter asked for the birth certificate and I explained to her the situation and that the baby would be checked in later when Ben got back.  She said it didn't need to be the original and that we could have somebody take a picture of it and text it to us.  Well, shoot, my whole family was flying out at that moment (James was in a different terminal), and the birth certificate was in our SAFE, not something we just give the code out to.

It was our lucky day and the lady was like, "just tell him to come back.  I've seen you've flown with B3 before, I'll verify it and you'll be fine."  I guess it's not like a baby has a photo ID...  I called Ben and had him turn around!!  He said he didn't drive too fast, he "never even hit a 100."  蘿

But that was our freaking stressful airport story.  Luckily all ended well and luckily I didn't overreact.  My mind did, but nobody will ever know how bad.  

Dallin flew home before us, so he took a picture of the birth certificate for our flight home from Utah.


  1. Gorgeous picture. Sounds like a super stressful flight. I'm glad it all worked out.

    Weekends in Maine

  2. That is so weird they even asked for his birth certificate! I used to fly 2-4 times every month with Bear and they never asked for his (we had to have his passport going to and from Canada of course). I've never been asked for Eden's either. I guess I better get a picture of them just in case I guess!

    1. Hmm that is weird. I think it must vary from airline to airline?

  3. Yikes, that would of freaked me out too. I'm calm in all situations but missing flights is a big pet peeve of mine, it makes me so nervous lol

  4. Just reading that felt stressful!! I'm glad it worked out!