W: Wednesday Wishlist

W falls on a Wednesday, perfect for my first "Wednesday Wishlist!"  It is a very random wishlist, and I put it together in PAINT lol because I'm still on my work computer.

I'm still trying to find an outfit for the marathon.  Ben said I could pick one of the millions of outfits in my drawers, but I can't do that for a full 26.2, I need something special.  邏  Problem is by now I need something Amazon Prime and I'm not finding anything I like shirt wise.  I have slightly procrastinated.

1-  CEP sleeves, cheaper than the socks, $35 on Amazon Prime
2-  I'll need a new pair of shoes for the fall marathon and I love the Triumph Iso by Saucony, maybe I will try this color!
3-  Super light fuel belt, perfect for the 1/2 and fits the Galaxy Note (Ben has it in black)
4-  Recommended book about the Josh Powell story
5-  Stuart Weitzman wedges that I probably can't ever justify the price for
6-  If I pay extra for shipping I could probably get this shirt here in time.  I just really like the bright orange.
7-  Garmin 630, the newer version of my 620.  Ben just bought it and the reason I really want it is because you can control your music via bluetooth.  Right now if I really like a song I double add it on my playlist so the chances of hearing it twice go up.  lol!  Maybe I should find some headphones with controls before next weekend.
8-  Pink mace, want the pink one, mine's expired
9-  Surface Pro computer
10-  Jessica Simpson heels that are now sold out of my size but I'm sure Amazon has them

Ben and I have "wishlists" on Pinterest, aka private boards that only we can see.  It saves us when it comes to holidays/birthdays!  Except Ben's list has things like a Porsche or BMW on it.  The only ones he's gotten so far are bite sized versions.

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