X: Mother's Day (there is an X connection I promise)

X is hands down the toughest letter of the alphabet.  At least with Z there are things like ZOO and ZEBRA and ZIPPER, ZUCCHINI, ZONES, etc., etc.  You google X and you get weird words like XEROTHERMIC and XYSTS, XENIA.  ??

But, alas, the Roman Numeral 10 is the letter X, so how about a top 10 list, Mother's Day style, because Mother's Day is in that many days!  (Two X connections.)

I do get to see my mom the day/week before Mother's Day because she's coming to watch us run.  She's the most supportive mom ever!

In no particular order, reasons my mom is wonderful!

  1. She's very outgoing, genuine and friendly, everybody loves my mom!
  2. She's relaxed and never overreacts in situations, and brings down the stress levels with her positive attitude.
  3. She's so talented and willing to travel and accompany anybody on the piano.
  4. She's always willing to come visit us here in Phoenix and is a loving, wonderful grandma to B3.
  5. She was the best mom growing up and always trusted us kids, and was never that strict mom.
  6. She gets up at ridiculous hours to watch us race and takes care of B3 in the process.
  7. She's so willing, positive, happy, friendly, and not to mention fashionable and pretty!
  8. She helped me learn the ropes when Bentz was born, and she stayed here for a couple of weeks until I was comfortable as a first time mom.
  9. She was always present at every single sport/cheer/concert event that I had growing up.  And she put in a lot of time getting me there too!
  10. She's supportive and the best mom in the world!!

I hope you have a very happy Mother's Day in 10 (err X) days!  Love you mom!!    See you in a few!

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