Y: Years Ago

1 year ago we had a 7 month old and we were getting ready to leave him in the US to take a trip to China.  That was really hard to do!!  I was sick about that thought for months beforehand.

2 years ago we had just announced our pregnancy to the world which was SO FUN.  I also was puking a lot which wasn't as fun.

3 years ago we were about to move into our home after spending weeks re-painting, removing wallpaper and re-carpeting, etc.

4 years ago I had just ran my first full 26.2!  My respect for the distance started right THERE.  lol

5 years ago we were about to leave Layton to live in Thatcher, Arizona!  We moved again a year later, to the valley.

6 years ago we were planning a wedding and had just moved Ben up from Vegas so there was no more long distance!

7 years ago Ben and I had recently met and were flying back and forth to Vegas/SLC every weekend!

8 years ago I was in my last year of college, working hard on my senior project.  Thank goodness that is over -- way too much work!

9 years ago some friends and I went to NYC.  Now I really want to take Ben back there.  We wanna run NYC!

10 years ago I went to Nauvoo/Kansas/Missouri and such with my student ward!  It was a pretty memorable, epic trip.  Below is Adam Ondi Ahman.

11 years ago, oh goodness, I have no idea?  But this picture says it was 11 years ago, so my sister graduated!

12 years ago my dog was close to his first birthday!  He wasn't well suited for the winter climate of northern Utah.

13 years ago...this...

14 years ago I welcomed my brother home from ...scout camp?

And like 30 years ago... (me on the right)!!


  1. Such a cute entry for Y with the years of your life ;) Congrats on being so close to finishing the challenge!


  2. This is a great post! Love the pictures. :)