Z: Wildlife Zoo

A few weeks back we all went to the Wildlife Zoo!  We've never been to this one, it's out west and more than double the cost of the Phoenix Zoo, but we had to give it a try and Bentz is still free.  Turned out to be less crowded than the Phoenix Zoo, we liked it more and spent something like three hours walking through.

Oh hey.

I had no idea that white alligators existed, but they are literally all white and look so fake.  They are pretty rad.

I'm afraid B3 enjoyed running up and down the wood decks probably more than the animals, but he did love the (zebras) giraffes, fish, and a bunch of others.

B3 is obsessed with dogs and meh, we just called all the animals in the petting zoo "dogs!"  I think this is the first time I've pet a deer, so I was pretty excited about the whole petting zoo too.

They have a bunch of rides at this zoo, even a new roller coaster.  It was kind of random but fun to see them all scattered throughout the park.

We had no idea seahorses did this.  They were all wrapped around the plants with their heads down.  It was cute!

Llllllama face.  Except it wasn't exactly a llama.

And that's my last post for the A to Z challenge!!  Both taking B3 to the zoo and a monthly streak/challenge were both items on my 31 while 31 list.  


  1. Those giraffe pictures are awesome!!

  2. I agree with Jolie - awesome giraffe pictures. I have three daughters, and loved those days when they were little, to visit the zoo. It's even better when you have a choice of zoos, as you appear to have.

    Glad I found you through the A to Z Challenge!

    ~Eli@CoachDaddy (#861)

  3. So fun! Wish we were there with you guys!

  4. I've heard that the Wildlife Zoo is better than the Phoenix Zoo. I'll have to check it out!

  5. You have some great photos here. I didn't know white alligators existed either, they are well weird!

  6. We never made it to that one (nor did I even know it existed!!!)