Baby boy is 20 Months

Our baby boy is 20 months and hardly a baby!!  I never imagined myself with a two year old and when I was pregnant I think I imagined myself with a baby and on up to like six months, so the fact that we're way passed that stage in life makes me realize that life is going to keeeeep going and Bentz will start remembering these days like I remember my own childhood (epic memories btw).

This week we moved my brother out and into his new apartment because homeboy ties the knot in less than 24 hours!  While they moved stuff, we played with the duckies.

A couple of updates on the B3:

-loves tomatoes & strawberries & lime chips + anything with sugar please.  drinks his Pediasure like he's thirsting to death!

-obsessed with grandma.  i seriously think he likes her more than me.

-still fits into his 6-9 month swimsuit from last year so I guess we're off the hook, plus it matches his new life jacket 

-loves to throw his big blue ball ^^ everywhere.  he likes to chuck it at my desk while I'm working and once it tipped my beverage over and it started spilling on my computer so that wasn't awesome.  he thinks it's hilarious to throw it on high surfaces and hit stuff (like on the countertops). he giggles and giggles.

-loves to organize and does it for hours everyday.  right now he loves to organize his bright colored straws and a stack of Ben's business cards.  who needs toys right?  he'll move them all to his left, then move them one by one to his right, then again and again.  or into different containers or areas on the table.

-also loves playing with [Minion] stickers.  i need to get some more of them asap, or maybe some huge stickers!

-loves to play in the dirt

-and jump head first off the couch.  at least he's wise enough to put pillows down first.

He looks just like his dad did.

We love him!!!


  1. I love his Cars slippers!! So cute!

  2. He looks soon cute! I can't believe after this summer we'll have two year olds. How?! When?! We also have a dirt and ball aficionado over here haha! And finally, congrats to your brother!