Revel Mount Charleston Marathon!!

Ben went sub 1:30 and I went sub 4!!

Lots of words and lots of pictures because free pictures!!!

We drove out to Vegas the day before the race which usually takes around four hours, but this time I timed it just right so we hit Vegas at rush hour.  :P  We stopped at the community center that held the expo and then checked right in to Red Rock.  Traveling is exhausting so we didn't do much other than eat at CPK, set out our loads of stuff and zonk.

Race morning we were up at 3 and to the buses a little after 4.  My mom stayed back with B3 and I felt so bad that they were just chillin' for hours after getting up so early, and we forgot the freaking stroller.  Not to mention it was cold, dark and did I mention 4 in the morning?  #worldsbestmom 

Ben and I had to get on different buses so we wished each other good luck and went on our merry solo ways.  This was the first time in my life that I have been completely solo at a start line that I can remember, but it wasn't too bad.  Runners are the awesomest group of people and I made some friends, one who even gave me hand warmers since it was like in the 20s at the start, another who went to school with my mom in Delta back in the day, who had the same time goal as me!

We got to the start line an hour early and it was completely dry and perfect!  Revel gave us all beanies, gloves, and emergency blankets, plus I had throw-away sweat pants, a jacket and a huge coat too, so I was completely content with the temps.

As 6:30 got closer I slowly took off my layers (it was also starting to warm up a little), did a quick warm up/dynamic stretches, shed a tear as I dropped my beautifully warm coat, and we were off!!

 The Race 
As soon as we started, the snow also started which was seriously the best ever running through it for the first few miles!!  So magical!!  My plan was to run an 8:50 for the first 1/2 and I tried really hard to stick with the 8:50 even though I felt like everybody was passing me...  There were a couple of small hills that I wasn't expecting (like right off the start similar to SLC) but overall it was so fun running through Mount Charleston and there were even some people out cheering us on with signs.  It was really pretty too.  I was like on a high from mile 1.

The course didn't have many turns at all for the first 21ish miles, it was literally just straight which sometimes felt a little boring when you could see that far ahead, but it was also nice at the same time if you know what I mean.  It didn't seem very foresty for long and pretty soon we were in desert territory, but luckily there were clouds for shade.  The miles flew by and I jammed to my music and tried to soak it up.

I hit the 1/2 mark at 1:55 (8:49), and the plan was to slow to a 9:23 for the 2nd half or at least until mile 21-22ish when I could reevaluate.  I never got down to the 9:23 but I settled around 9:15 and decided that was close enough.  I never would have thought up this race strategy for myself because it seems almost counterintuitive to slow down when you want to push yourself as far as you can, but looking back it was genius...

^^mile 17

 Mile 21 
Somewhere around 21 that "easy pace" morphed into one that I had to work for, my legs were slowly toasting and I was so glad I had preserved them!!!  I took a GU every 4 miles starting at mile 2.5 and my energy was still good, so as long as I still had that going for me I was confident in my 3:59 goal.

I felt like the freaking Trunchbull those last couple of miles though, probably staring at the ground and plowing my way through, but I did pick up the pace a little so I was thrilled!!  I ran the entire race only watching my current pace and lap pace which was set to 13.1, so I flipped screens to do math and figured out that if I soon hit the wall but could still maintain a 10:30 mile, I'd still come in under 4:00.  That was the best realization!!  Hahaha I do weird math calculations like that all the time.  Usually they're all wrong too.  :P  Running and math is hard.

There was an overpass in the last mile which felt like Mount Everest overpass and then there was a photographer on the other side.  hahaha  At that time I had no idea what time I was going to come in and I turned the last corner and saw the finish right THERE, heard my family screaming, and I was so happy!!!

Official:  3:56:18 (9:01 min/mile)
1:55 1st half, 2:00 second half

My family met me at the end of the shoot and I had to ask how Ben's race went...1:29:38!!  There was a slight head wind so I had worried it would affect Ben, but he nailed it.  It was an epic day.  Ben even got 27th overall!

I like the picture above where Ben's with the pacer, then you go below and see he's passed him and I think there was still a 5k to go.

A PR and a negative split!:

 Race Thoughts 
This was the inaugural race but I wasn't concerned considering Revel's organization.  I know they did have one year in Colorado that went terribly south, but that wasn't in their control so I had zero hesitations signing up for this inaugural 26.2.  It turned out to be nothing short of fantastic and per usual I would highly recommend!!  The course is faster than Canyon City since CC has hills in that second half, but my biggest fear for trying for a BQ on this course will be the fact that the shade disappears pretty quickly as you enter the desert, and May in Vegas is typically warm and sunny.  I had been really worried we would have hot weather, but we got a random cold storm that weekend which I feel saved us (I even got a hair warm at the end still)!!  I did notice that next year's Mt. Charleston's date is TBD so perhaps they are considering moving it a smidgen.  Either way I would love to run this one again and plan to hopefully with full family in tow!!  Yes familia??

Thanks, as ALWAYS, to my family for supporting and encouraging me along the way, especially you, Ben! ❤  And my momma!


  1. So awesome, congrats to both of you. Race plan definitely turned out perfectly.

  2. Great job, Gravy!! You slaughtered that course!!

  3. Congratulations on your sub 4! That race looks very scenic!

  4. So proud of you Christy! You did amazing!!! Ben rocked it too!!! 💖