Sub 4 I'm comin' for youuuuu.

Our last hoorah for the race season is here and I'm getting freaking nervous!!!  It's the biggest race (goals wise) for both Ben and I, but Ben strained his back over the weekend and hasn't run once since, so we're just hoping he can run a solid race.  Crappy timing, but there is always September to go for that 1:29 if he can't get up to his race pace this time.  Our coach is also a physical therapist (thank heavens) so they're working to get him ready to race in two days.

Did I mention it might snow?  Yeah, it might snow...

So my goal A:
1:56 + 2:03 = 3:59 = 9:08 pace

Charlie says that it is very hard to run a negative split for the marathon so I want to bank a little bit of time the first half, but not too much that it will cost me in the second.  Then I plan to slow down at the half mark which will be HARD considering the runner's high has a way of causing massive delusional thoughts of being able to carry that amazing feeling foreverrr.  But "the wall comes fast," so I must be smart.

Miles 1-13.1:  8:50 average pace = 1:56
Miles 13.1-26.2:  9:23 average pace max = 2:03
Finish time:  3:59

I took lap pace off my watch screens last summer when I started training with a coach and I have focused on my current pace + average pace, but my watch still beeped and flashed my mile splits.  This race I won't be using my 1.00 mile lap distances at all but I'll set it to 13.1 so I can focus on each specific half of the race.  I think it'll bug me a little not having my mile splits afterwards, but in the grand scheme of things those splits don't even matter... so... I'm learning...

Goal B:
PR with a <4:11 or a <9:36 pace average.

Goal C:
This is non-existent because anything slower than a PR means things went severely wrong and I will probably cry.  My fitness is much higher than it was six months ago when I ran a 4:11 on a little slower course.

A salted caramel gu every 4 miles, basically every other aid station starting at 2.5 = 6 total.

Participate tracking:
If you have interest in tracking me you can either receive texts or I think my splits will be posted directly on this page:

My goal A has me hitting the first quarter mat at 58:00, 13.1 @ 1:56, 19.65 @ 2:57.

So I have raced in all things weather with the exception of snow, so this might be my first.  I bought a giant coat for $4.99 at Goodwill that I will sport at the start.  It's cute...a Liz Claiborne!  haha  But I have no plans to run with it actually on and will be sad to depart it!!  I am worried about the snow creating slippery/slow conditions causing me to toss my goal, but I'll be okay if it's just rainy.  I wasn't planning on wearing a hat but it might be necessary, and I think I'm going to buy some sweat pants to discard too.  It's going to be just as cold as the SLC 1/2 was, but with precipitation, and SL was SO COLD.  I also might invest in some waterproof gloves since mine are not and last time I rainy raced in them they were drenched and my hands frozen.  I sure hope it's just a sprinkle, but it will take a LOT to top SLC 2013 in the weather department so I am feeling optimistic even if the conditions aren't ideal.  The second half of the race should have better weather with great conditions for the finish.  Knock on wood.

I do better when I'm not under pressure, so here's to no pressure.  HAHA


  1. Just signed up for tracking! I will be cheering for you from VA! Please keep us updated! You got this! You worked so hard! Now go out there and crush your goal!

  2. You got this, go get that A goal!!

  3. Since I read your most recent post first, I already know what happens. ;) great job!