The Array of May

7 things, in long blog post format:

This weekend we decided to take B3 to his first theater movie!  We were discussing this idea at 10am Saturday, then decided that early morning would be the best time to go, plus the theater would probably be more empty in case he got wild.  45 minutes later we were sitting in our seats for Angry Birds!!

The very top row, the very corner, JIC.

The theater was pretty full, but at least it was full with kidlets and their parents.  Never knew the theater is hoppin' at 10 in the morning.

So all was going well for the first hour, we even thought he might zonk out cuz he was in the zone and just glued to the screen.  Oh wow, what a freaking cute CHAMP, why have we not tried this before???  Well becuzzz an hour into it, he got hit with a 20 month old second wind and turned into wiggly magee.  He wanted to watch the movie like he does at home:  all over the place.

He missed the last twenty minutes when Ben took him out to run around, so I think we'll put a hold on a family movie date for a few more months.  Haha!  But it was fun while it lasted!  And I thought Angry Birds was funny!


Speaking of wiggly magee... church.  Church with a toddler can be rough.  Seriously I would skip it altogether sometimes if I could.  We have slowly migrated to the very back row of the gym overflow so B3 can run around back there with other kids and nobody really notices the circus because most families back there are contributing to it.  Plus if he sees me on the stand he'll beeline it right up there, so back of the gym is pretty safe.

Well today we decided to graduate and move up to the soft benches in the [back of] the actual chapel.  hahaha

During a musical number, B3 races up to the stand, climbs the stairs and right as I catch up to him, he chucks the toy in his hands at barely misses the girls singing.  It was humiliating.  Apparently funny, but not for us!!

During postlude, a bishopric member put the toy on the organ for me.  lol


The other evening I was out running and suddenly I heard, like, full on yelling which I figured was coming from the park, then more yelling, so I looked around to see if maybe there was something I wasn't noticing going on and was majorly confused.  Then I heard a couple guy voices yell STOP STOPPPPP!!!  So even though I couldn't see them I just stopped dead in my tracks.  lol!  I looked all around and they were like, "over here!"  And right in front of me and to the right they were on the other side of the block wall that parallels the sidewalk, but in the shade of a tree so they weren't easily noticeable and all I could see were their heads.

Snake!!  And just like that, it crossed not even 10 feet in front of me.  :/  It wasn't coiled up or anything and I'm pretty sure I would have seen it because I am pretty conscientious of my surroundings, but still the timing...

I called Ben cuz they were out on a walk and I had visions of them deciding to go frolick in this random park right THERE  to wait for me to finish my run.  So I'm pretty sure you don't die if you get bit by a rattler, I think you have like two hours for medical intervention or something, but it sounds like a nice way to ruin the day and cause eternal nightmares!!

The story ended when a car almost creamed it, but he suddenly saw it and swerved and everybody was like noooooo.  :P  Then we all continued on our merry ways, me with many heebie geebies.

Seen on my run:

  • javelinas 
  • scorpions
  • roadrunners
  • bunnies galore
  • coyotes
  • dead snakes
  • aliiive snake

No mountain lions yet, although I swear I did see one a couple months ago running through the field at like 6am.  Sure didn't run like a coyote but who knows, so I'm not counting it.  No picture, didn't happen!!


Rewind to Mother's Day a couple of weeks ago.  We were still in Vegas for the marathon but I was pretty excited about the gift I got from Bentz...a 3 month membership to the Cupcake of the Month Club!!  I have a deep sugar addiction so I couldn't wait for my first delivery, a dozen beautiful cupcakes, all. for. me.  Actually I share.  But still, the concept.

Flavors this month:  snickerdoodle, lemon coconut, chocolate raspberry, and chocolate cream cheese.  I think chocolate raspberry is my fav.

They came in a big box with dry ice and everything, delivered by the UPS man.  I wondered.

I will not even tell you how many of these are left after just a few days.  


Bentz seems to be growing extra fast these days and he makes us sooo happy.  He once napped for four hours and I went and woke him up because I was getting worried.  He must have a hollow leg cuz he eats sooo much these days too, and like an hour after he eats he is dragging his high chair over to my desk because he wants another round of tomatoes, peas, cheese, bell peppers, goldfish and cookies.

He babbles a lot, just on and on and on like he's having a full conversation.  It's so cute!  Sometimes when I'm on the phone I cannot hear a thing over oh mas seebah ohhh moooo go koo ohhh??  Seebah ahhhm tee oh yoo.


We've been doing Blue Apron for a few months and we're so sold.  We no longer waste food or spend a fortune at Costco with only chicken to show for it (I swear).  The meals are freaking good, I always take pictures and I have nothing to do with these amazing pictures but send them to my brother, so alas, feast your eyes upon these... (pun...)


And last but not least, we're in pool season!  The spring weather has been nice to us and we haven't been into the 100s yet, minus wedding weekend, but I think that'll change next week.  I even saw a triple double on the forecast, but I'll believe it when I see it!

^^Weekend naptime you'll find us like so.

That's all I can think of for now...which given the length of this post is a lot.  :P  Cannot believe it's going to be June time.  Happy Memorial Day.  


  1. Snakes are pretty much the only things on the trails that actually concerns me. Very nice they waived you down but why were they all creepy hidden in the bushes lol.

    At church we drop our kids off in the youth ministry and they get to sing, play, and have fun learning about Jesus while we attend adult service. Best thing ever.

    Yup hit weather is here. Make sure to drink plenty of water lol