Wedding Bells

My brother got married last weekend!  It was a really great ceremony and fun to have the family all in town for it, literally our whole family!!  First time together in forever!!!  Five years ago I never ever would have thought that my baby brother would get married in Phoenix, so I'm so happy because he'll be close by.  I had visions of him reconnecting with somebody from the past and moving to somewhere like Provo to get married to them, even though he swore he was done with snow.  You never know with loooove.

They made a beautiful bride and groom!  They met at the temple, got engaged in the temple in the room they were going to be married in, then married in the temple, and Dil has been working there all along.

So the morning was pretty roasty, around 100 with a heat wave rolling through (hottest day of the year?), so we were sweating buckets during pictures, but the reception was perfect.  My sister was the wedding day photographer and I helped with picture ideas while simultaneously chasing down Cafe Rio who was a little late to the luncheon, then who showed up and started unloading at the temple itself.  haha  I was literally drenched in sweat, I had to wear something else to the reception!!  But it was awesome.

An awkward family photo: 

Bentz is really into waving these days.  All day long he walked around and waved at everybody.  He's the only nephew for Emily and Dallin, and they have no nieces!   It's all just him.

How do you make a toddler smile on demand??  #whysoserious


He enjoyed organizing pine cones, golf balls, lemons, oranges, etc., which was great because he was so good allllll night!!  (And day too.  He was so exhausted and fell asleep before I left the parking after the luncheon.)

It was an awesome day and now they're celebrating in Cancun (jealous).  Here's to a happy life!


  1. Congrats to the newlyweds. Only seen the temple from the outside but it is truly a beautiful venue and makes for an amazing place to have a wedding

  2. Congrats to your brother! Those are great photos. B3 is rocking the mohawk!

  3. I love the reception set up! Looks dreamy and romantic!