Father's Day!

Father's Day was this past weekend and it was also 118 degrees!!!  I suppose it be appropriate to celebrate a hot dad with a hot day, but it basically narrowed down our celebratory activities to swimming and [quickly eating] ice cream, cooking cookies under the sun, plus some swimming on the side and an occasional trip to the grocery store while in still wet swimming attire (which I highly recommend for summer time, randomly dunking yourself throughout the day, in between activities, etc.).  So in short, it was fun!!

Matching ties, kind of a Father's Day tradition.

I love that mohawk.

Last year:

Taking pictures is much harder with a toddler.
Look at mom.  Up here.  HEYY!!!!  HEY A DOGGY!!!

Nothing.  #gimmegoldfish

Funny though, I had bought a gift online but I hadn't gotten a Father's Day card yet by Friday.  Considering the temperatures, it seemed like a horrendous idea to pack child in the car, drive to store, unload child, run into store and buy card, go back and reload child in scorching temps, drive home, unload.  JUST FOR A CARD.  But I had to have one!

We went grocery shopping at Walmart and I didn't want Ben to see me buy a card (we always grocery shop together, it's like a little date), so I had a plan:  I wanted a cold Monster, and for some reason Walmart has stopped selling cold ones.  Annoying, but this fell perfectly in line with my master plan.

Can we stop at CVS on the way home and I'll grab a cold Monster??

Sure...?  (Usually a YEAH but Ben is back on a diet so he's not drinking garbage.)

So we're pulling out of the parking lot and then Ben starts turning into this tiny crappy gas station's parking lot, a gas station we never go to.  We always frequent CVS, so I don't know why he decided on the gas station.

Nah...let's just stop at the CVS!

Why?  What's wrong with the gas station?

I just like CVS.

O...k... ???

I ... love... CVS!!

...... okay......

*silence*  *pulls out of tiny gas station parking lot*  *weirdness fills the car*

FINE.  I still need to get you a Father's Day card!!!   

The card had a button in it.  ^^

Last time it was 118 degrees I cooked an egg directly on the slate without using PAM or anything.  This time I was smart enough to use a pan + PAM, but my big mistake was using tinfoil!  It was a little breezy so the cookies kept blowing off the pan instead of sitting on it and cooking.

They appeared to cook, the PAM looked greasy disgusting, however, but next time I will be successful.  Less PAM, no tinfoil.  Maybe we will actually hit 120 degrees next time too.

We got ice cream at this cute place called Churn.  We even ate outside because the misters made it nice (plus I was still damp lol).  It was a great weekend...and now another is here -- wahoo!

Happy Father's Day Ben!

Lover of Lists

Happy Monday!!  I hope you are alive and well, not roasting to death by the scorching heat!! 

I've been doing a lists journaling "challenge" to use some of my creativity and because I love to Photoshop anything and everything.  I say "challenge" because I'm doing it at a leisure pace as I please, in an effort to fill that hobby gap that running is, since running is temporarily still on hold (along with most cross training activities so I'm kind of going legit crazy).

I thought I'd share some of my lists along the way, like my lovely to-do list, or the vacations list that Ben and I brainstormed and came up with.

We almost went to Bora Bora for our honeymoon, so we're still determined to vacation there someday!!  A few of these we've been to, but they're good enough for another visit.  My mom and step-dad went to Dubai last year so Ben and I were inspired to watch a million documentaries on buildings/features of Dubai and would love to go visit them in person.  They are so fascinating!!

Ever done a lists challenge of sorts?  Ever been to Bora Bora??  Dubai???

5 Friday Favorites

-Pom poms trend!!  I can get behind this one, it speaks my name.  I want these wedge ones.

-The forecast calls for 121 degrees!  The highest ever recorded was 122 in 1990!!  It'd be fun to set another record but I don't know if that'll happen.  It'd also be fun to say I've run in 121 degrees!

-The ability to print your blog into a memorable blogbook - this is book #7 which brings us up to 11/12/13, only 2-1/2 years behind!

-The Office - We used to put this on every single night while we hung out at home/foam roll/etc., and for some reason that stopped a year ago, so this past month I've reinstated The Office evenings while I chef up some Blue Apron.

-Lipsense Lipstick - you can put liptstick on at 8am and have no idea how you're going to get it off come 9pm when you're going to bed.  This fact alone is awesome (and they do offer a remover).

Have a nice weekend!

My Embarrassing Secret/Chair

I have needed a new chair for a little while.  Embarrassing.  My mom even once yelled from across the house "Christy!!"  "What!??"  "OMG YOU NEED A NEW CHAIR!!"

I don't like to spend money when I can justify that something still will do its job...like my chair!!  It looks horrendous, it peels black stuff all over the freaking place, there is a giant protruberence (Michael Scott) poking out of the bottom side that I have worried would spear my child while he's playing nearby, but other than that it works almost perfectly.  Minus the up down lever thing.  I haven't up downed in years, but that's fine too.  It's comfy it WORKS FINE.

I always sit on my right leg and after some PT on my knee I learned that's a no no.  Then with my hamstring tendon connection issue I learned that posture can contribute, so it's time to face the fact that I'm not 18 anymore.  I can still wear my pajamas, but I cannot drape myself all over my work chair based solely on the fact that nobody will see my high level of professionalism.

But first let's rewind to day one of my first "sattelite office" wood chair that hadn't yet been upgraded, somewhere five years ago in Safford, AZ:

The chair made its first appearance in Thatcher, 2011:

It came along when we moved to the valley, still pristine:

Finally joining us in our first home, 2013:

^^Coincidence I also replaced those flip flops the same day as the chair.

Upgraded the desk while convincing Ben the chair still will do, 2014:

Add a child which means add a whole house full of child stuff which detracts from the fact that the chair is quite worn at this point:

This weekend we went off to find a new chair!!  There were a lot to choose from and really nice ones Ben tried to talk me into, but I had found this pink one:

The only times I used my arm rests were to disrupt my posture in some way shape or form, so I went with the no arm rest option.  A better picture:


I thought about trying to sell the old one but Ben took it apart and threw it out before I had the chance.  

Butt Crack Injury

The story that really isn't a story but rather just me whining.

I was out running one day and during my cool down stretches I noticed my hammy was acting a little tighter than usual.  No big deal, roll roll stretch, smash rollllll.  My marathon recovery had gone great and I had never had any problems, but whatever, when you like to run you expect randomness.

The next day I ran and all was great in my life, even though it was a million degrees.  But afterwards I noticed my hammy acting a little tight again, but also my glute and my hip and everywhere on my left from knee to waist, basically.  So roll, hip stretches, core work, smash, EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT.  IT'S SUMMER, IT'S REST SEASON ANYWAYS.

Fast forward and my next run I noticed the niggle around 4 miles into my run, enough so that I thought I'd mention it in my comments to my coach.  But still I figured it was my tight hip and hammy.

My next long run I felt the niggle when I did my dynamic stretches.  By this point I was starting a little mental meltdown because my mileage is low and my efforts all easy.  Summer maintenance.  Definitely not when you expect to deal with anything other than a sauna and lots of sweat.

After my last long run I realized this niggle was becoming central to the high high top of my hamstring, where it connects to my butt/glute so I had a convo with my coach (and PT) and he thought it could be my high hamstring tendon attachment.  Instruction was a coupla days rest.  No cross training...

I watched a lot of Office.  I'm grumpy when I can't work out and Ben can.  Hahaha

A couple days off and I get the go-ahead for 2 cute miles.  From the first step I felt pain at the crevice between butt/leg, dubbed the "other butt crack."  I'm extremely bummed about it.  I have an appointment to have it looked at to get a better diagnoses, but my latest instruction is to hang tight, do some upper body work, and no running.

And hang out with my #1 fans...

...who always cheer me up.

Almost Summer Olympic Time!!

Last week there was National Running Day which is also Global Running Day, and I got 4 miles in!!  It was so glorious!!  (There was also a National Donut Day and I did my duty that day too.  #bosadonuts)

The best way to get a jumping picture is to take burst shots and pick the best one out of them.  Plus you get a lovely GIF for bonus.

I felt like Nastia!

The summer Olympics start in 59 days and if you've followed me for awhile you know I'm an Olympic watching junky!!  We even buy tv for the month of the Olympics.  They are August 5th through the 21st.  I love any form of Olympics (or even CrossFit Games) but summertime are my favorite ones.

You can go to the main website and take a look at the schedule and everything:

Also, since the Olympics are so close, the Olympic TRIALS are even closer!  This past weekend I watched the Secret U.S. Classic (gymnastics) and Aly Raisman won it, which she was on the team four years ago who won GOLD.  It's rare to make two Olympic Team USA Gymnastics teams, but she and Gabby Douglas may do it.  Also it is fun to watch Simone Biles who may be predicted to win the all around gold this year.  WE'LL SEE.  CAN'T WAIT.

Women's Gymnastics Olympic Trials are July 8th.

Men's are June 23rd.  

Track and Field Olympic trials start Friday July 1st and go to the 10th.  The marathon trials were earlier this year and were my favorite, but no doubt track and field will be addicting too.

And on a side note, the Zika Virus has been a concern for these games but according to this article, maybe it won't be as bad as original thought:


There is no easing into summer this year!!  We've only hit 100 a handful of times and now...

I always worry our AC unit will randomly go out on a day like this.  That'd suck.

Looks like my long run will be at the ripe hour of 4:30.  I'm actually excited for the challenge.  Time to bust out the water belt!!

Summer Running & Recovery

Happy National Running Day!!!!!!!!  I will be getting my run in this evening.  :D

The marathon was a few weeks ago and I wanted to update with how I'm feeling/doing, with a buncha random pics, and what the plans are for now, especially since for the past four years I've done Juneathon (run, blog, log every single day) and JUNE HAS ARRIVED.  Which also means triple double temperatures will soon be arriving!!!  In just a few days, in fact.  Call me crazy but I am a little excited for them.