Butt Crack Injury

The story that really isn't a story but rather just me whining.

I was out running one day and during my cool down stretches I noticed my hammy was acting a little tighter than usual.  No big deal, roll roll stretch, smash rollllll.  My marathon recovery had gone great and I had never had any problems, but whatever, when you like to run you expect randomness.

The next day I ran and all was great in my life, even though it was a million degrees.  But afterwards I noticed my hammy acting a little tight again, but also my glute and my hip and everywhere on my left from knee to waist, basically.  So roll, hip stretches, core work, smash, EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT.  IT'S SUMMER, IT'S REST SEASON ANYWAYS.

Fast forward and my next run I noticed the niggle around 4 miles into my run, enough so that I thought I'd mention it in my comments to my coach.  But still I figured it was my tight hip and hammy.

My next long run I felt the niggle when I did my dynamic stretches.  By this point I was starting a little mental meltdown because my mileage is low and my efforts all easy.  Summer maintenance.  Definitely not when you expect to deal with anything other than a sauna and lots of sweat.

After my last long run I realized this niggle was becoming central to the high high top of my hamstring, where it connects to my butt/glute so I had a convo with my coach (and PT) and he thought it could be my high hamstring tendon attachment.  Instruction was a coupla days rest.  No cross training...

I watched a lot of Office.  I'm grumpy when I can't work out and Ben can.  Hahaha

A couple days off and I get the go-ahead for 2 cute miles.  From the first step I felt pain at the crevice between butt/leg, dubbed the "other butt crack."  I'm extremely bummed about it.  I have an appointment to have it looked at to get a better diagnoses, but my latest instruction is to hang tight, do some upper body work, and no running.

And hang out with my #1 fans...

...who always cheer me up.


  1. That's the nature of our sport right. Tons of muscles and joints to injure. Little R&R will get you back on your feet in no time.

  2. Hmm, I guess that area is fair game for an injury! Hopefully some relaxation will fix it right up.