Father's Day!

Father's Day was this past weekend and it was also 118 degrees!!!  I suppose it be appropriate to celebrate a hot dad with a hot day, but it basically narrowed down our celebratory activities to swimming and [quickly eating] ice cream, cooking cookies under the sun, plus some swimming on the side and an occasional trip to the grocery store while in still wet swimming attire (which I highly recommend for summer time, randomly dunking yourself throughout the day, in between activities, etc.).  So in short, it was fun!!

Matching ties, kind of a Father's Day tradition.

I love that mohawk.

Last year:

Taking pictures is much harder with a toddler.
Look at mom.  Up here.  HEYY!!!!  HEY A DOGGY!!!

Nothing.  #gimmegoldfish

Funny though, I had bought a gift online but I hadn't gotten a Father's Day card yet by Friday.  Considering the temperatures, it seemed like a horrendous idea to pack child in the car, drive to store, unload child, run into store and buy card, go back and reload child in scorching temps, drive home, unload.  JUST FOR A CARD.  But I had to have one!

We went grocery shopping at Walmart and I didn't want Ben to see me buy a card (we always grocery shop together, it's like a little date), so I had a plan:  I wanted a cold Monster, and for some reason Walmart has stopped selling cold ones.  Annoying, but this fell perfectly in line with my master plan.

Can we stop at CVS on the way home and I'll grab a cold Monster??

Sure...?  (Usually a YEAH but Ben is back on a diet so he's not drinking garbage.)

So we're pulling out of the parking lot and then Ben starts turning into this tiny crappy gas station's parking lot, a gas station we never go to.  We always frequent CVS, so I don't know why he decided on the gas station.

Nah...let's just stop at the CVS!

Why?  What's wrong with the gas station?

I just like CVS.

O...k... ???

I ... love... CVS!!

...... okay......

*silence*  *pulls out of tiny gas station parking lot*  *weirdness fills the car*

FINE.  I still need to get you a Father's Day card!!!   

The card had a button in it.  ^^

Last time it was 118 degrees I cooked an egg directly on the slate without using PAM or anything.  This time I was smart enough to use a pan + PAM, but my big mistake was using tinfoil!  It was a little breezy so the cookies kept blowing off the pan instead of sitting on it and cooking.

They appeared to cook, the PAM looked greasy disgusting, however, but next time I will be successful.  Less PAM, no tinfoil.  Maybe we will actually hit 120 degrees next time too.

We got ice cream at this cute place called Churn.  We even ate outside because the misters made it nice (plus I was still damp lol).  It was a great weekend...and now another is here -- wahoo!

Happy Father's Day Ben!


  1. I don't know how you survive living in Arizona!
    Thanks for the pancake house info- it was YUMMY!!

  2. Last Sunday was so miserably hot!! I love the matching ties! <3

  3. Haha the birthday card story is classic. I should try cooking things outside with the kids but that means I actually have to go outside on those day, yeah that's not a good idea lol. It's been hit but it's a dry heat remember.