Lover of Lists

Happy Monday!!  I hope you are alive and well, not roasting to death by the scorching heat!! 

I've been doing a lists journaling "challenge" to use some of my creativity and because I love to Photoshop anything and everything.  I say "challenge" because I'm doing it at a leisure pace as I please, in an effort to fill that hobby gap that running is, since running is temporarily still on hold (along with most cross training activities so I'm kind of going legit crazy).

I thought I'd share some of my lists along the way, like my lovely to-do list, or the vacations list that Ben and I brainstormed and came up with.

We almost went to Bora Bora for our honeymoon, so we're still determined to vacation there someday!!  A few of these we've been to, but they're good enough for another visit.  My mom and step-dad went to Dubai last year so Ben and I were inspired to watch a million documentaries on buildings/features of Dubai and would love to go visit them in person.  They are so fascinating!!

Ever done a lists challenge of sorts?  Ever been to Bora Bora??  Dubai???


  1. I love this! I have never been to either place. But I do love my lists. I don't however get as creative with them as you do - those are so fun! It's so important to find a creative outlet like that. I recently found a lot of old, cool paper from COLLEGE and I'm determined to use it all and make something creative with it. Since my job is on the computer using Adobe products to create, I like making paper lists and doing creative stuff which is low-tech. :)

  2. Dubai looks amazing but I also find the idea of traveling there to be very intimidating!