Summer Running & Recovery

Happy National Running Day!!!!!!!!  I will be getting my run in this evening.  :D

The marathon was a few weeks ago and I wanted to update with how I'm feeling/doing, with a buncha random pics, and what the plans are for now, especially since for the past four years I've done Juneathon (run, blog, log every single day) and JUNE HAS ARRIVED.  Which also means triple double temperatures will soon be arriving!!!  In just a few days, in fact.  Call me crazy but I am a little excited for them.

After the race we took a week off, which felt like a very long time (I read two books!), so I was so ready to get back to running, albeit it just isn't the same!!    Summer around here is the off season because we turn into a sauna, so we're running easy/slowly and shorter.  It's the recuperating season.  I love summer but running less makes me a crazy person which probably sounds even crazier if you don't run, but running is the only time I am alone and it's my recharge.  I spend all day with my little boy while also working, so a nice, long run is rejuvenating and lets my mind rest (kind of like my commutes in the car used to, with the music up HIGH).  Over the past year I think the marathon training and distance has become my favorite, so we're planning our fall race and I think we'll start working towards it in 3-4 weeks!

^^dyanmic stretches

Not to wish away sauna summer and the glorious monsoons, but fall!!:

Big Cottonwood 1/2 in September - When planning my New Year fitness goals, this is the race I wanted to go 1:4x at.  I think Ben can run a 1:27 at this one, I'm not sure if that's his goal but we've thrown that number around a few times lately. 

Canyon City Marathon in November - This is our 6th wedding anniversary so we decided to both run the full!  This will be Ben's first try at the 26.2 distance and I think he'll do great.  He said he's ready to give it a try because he's done being the wuss.  lol  (However sign me up to be the wuss who runs a 1:29 half.)

So Juneathon... I think I'm going to pass this year.    I don't really want to, but I just can't right now.  I may still do a month streak(ish) of home WODS+easy running or something, but no hard commitments.  I've printed ideas off of this site:

Also, wahoo!!, I'll hit 500 miles this week which means I'm a month ahead, even with my lower mileage May.  My goal for the year is 1000!

Jan- 100
Feb- 76
March- 111
April- 140
May- 64

Have a lovely humpday!

^^I actually had this GIF going faster.  It was pretty hilarious.

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