24th of July Weekend

I was bummed B3 didn't get to experience a parade on the 4th of July, but this past weekend he got to see one for the 24th of July, aka Pioneer Day!  It's not a holiday that's well celebrated outside of Utah, but Thatcher celebrates it in a huge way so we traveled out there for some family fun.

It was I think something like 106 degrees, but it was nice that that didn't matter.  Everybody was hot together, thus it was fun times.  Bentz waved to the whole parade!!

Naptime is always a fun adventure when we're away, and my sister in-law is the best decorator.

Later the weather was perfect for fireworks! It was B3's first time seeing them and he cried for a minute but then snuggled right up.

Meanwhile I gave into Snapchat thanks to my cute little niece who showed me a ton of the filters.  I don't really think I'll use the app otherwise...

Face swap fail.

I think this celebration will be a tradition.


  1. Aren't the Snapchat filters so fun? My boys hog my phone playing with them all day and draining my battery. New reader by the way...not sure how I stumbled across your blog but you have the cutest little family and I'm super I inspired by your running skills (I'm just a wanna be runner). Also, I went to high school with your sister, Jolie. Small world!

  2. That is so crazy Thatcher celebrates the 24th!
    I keep wanting to get snapchat just for the filters too but I haven't yet!