4th of July - 240 years old!

The 4th of July used to be my all time favorite holiday because everybody congregated at Layton Park for all-star baseball games, swimming, volleyball, the parade(!!), booths galore, food trucks, dance performances, and so much more.  And by everybody, I mean all of my family plus everybody in the city!  It was a guarantee that you'd run into neighbors, schoolmates, fellow church goers and even school teachers/coaches, all there celebrating.  Utah is also at the peak of its weather so most likely the holiday is celebrated in perfect temperatures and a beautiful day!  My family always had a float in the parade and throughout our school years we all had school floats depending on our sport/activity, and the list goes on about how busy and exciting the 4th always was, ending with city fireworks while laying on the field adjacent to my high school.  It was EPIC.

My mom/relatives are still at it, just not in Layton anymore!

Then we moved away and I learned that the 4th was celebrated on much lower levels outside of my home town/state, plus Arizona's "off season" months are June/July/August, so the weather isn't prime for all day outdoors unless it's combined with much water.  It took a lot of 4th of July adjusting, but I think we are finally about there on fun levels + trying to implement some traditions.

The only thing we are still missing is a patriotic parade, but when it hits 90 by 8am it's maybe understandable.

I STILL WANT B3 TO EXPERIENCE A PARADE.  There's got to be one closer than Flagstaff!

Our first tradition that's stood for awhile is the 4th of July 5k/4miler race, but this year we had to pass and I was pretty bummed.  I'm still rehabbing my hammy tendon and maybe I failed to mention that Ben re-injured his back last month and is rehabbing it because his leg numbness has come back.  We're a mess.

^^Scottsdale Quarter

The 4th of July is proving to be expensive cuz Ben and I LOVE TO SHOP, so we have added this to the list of traditions, FAMILY SHOPPING along with splashpadsswimming and a BBQ.  Looking back at the past many years, we always visit the car dealer, and fancy that, we did this year too.  Add it to the list.  Once we actually bought a car.

I really need to jump into pictures on occasion.  I'm always the photographer.

I love my little family!

I started reading UNBROKEN and I've had a hard time putting it down, so that was also a highlight of the day (naptime) because I'm so exciting.  I've heard the movie is meh, but thus far I'd definitely recommend the book.  The story is incredible.

And Ben finished his Lego Porsche!  (Pending the parts that were actually missing from the box.  lol)  I thought it would be a summer assembly time frame, and look at him, <1 week.  He refused to hold the finished thing for a picture until the missing parts arrive, like the fenders.  And you can't tell the scale, but it's pretty big!

Hope you had an awesome 4th!


  1. Yeah 4th of July is rough around these parts. Need lots of pool time. Splash pad is a great activity as well.

    We hit our usual spot for fireworks and didn't get a great view. May need a new location next year.

  2. Layton is definitely great on the 4th!!