5 Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites in no particular order:

#1 CUPCAKES of the month - my second Cupcake of the Month Club delivery which I've been stoked to receive.  I had the stomach flu Tuesday so my caloric intake/staytake was negative, so when these came a day later it was perfect timing to catch up via many healthy cupcake calories.

Valrhona Cream (chocolate)
Chocolate Kiwi
Turtle Love
Mango Cilantro

My favorite was the Vlarhona Cream!!  Then turtle and chocolate kiwi.  Mango cilantro was interesting with corn and bits of jalapeno in the cake, but it was actually an interesting pretty good.  One thing I've learned through this and Blue Apron is that Chefs are very creative.

#2 A Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS - Ben's Father's Day gift that was backordered and never arrived!  The back-ordered timeframe was pushed back (these Porsches are hard to get a hold of!) so Ben located one the day it came into stock and we drove an hour to get it.

The instruction manual is 1000 pages.  lol

#3 Women's Gymnastics - Last weekend we watched the P&G Nationals which although are not the Olympic Trials, they were a kind of pre-Olympic trials because the selection committee has been watching for consistency, on top of the actual trials (next weekend btw).

Simone Biles 1st, Aly Raisman 2nd, Laurie Hernandez 3rd, (Gabby Douglas 4th)

Five will make the Olympic team but the US women are so good that they say we could have two 5-person teams go to the Olympics and take 1st and 2nd.

My guess for the 2016 women's gymnastics team:
Simone Biles (duh!)
Aly Raisman (duh!)
Gabby Douglas (duh)
Laurie Hernandez (she's been doing so well lately and NOW is when it matters)
Ashton Locklear (either her or Madison Kocian, but I'm hoping for Ashton)

I really want Mykayla Skinner to make it because she's local (GILBERT) but I don't think it's going to happen.  And Ragan Smith is so tiny and ADORABLE, but again, probably not for Rio.  I was thinking Maggie Nichols was in, but she is coming off injury and hasn't been consistent so I'm going to guess she's out.

I don't follow the men's team much and since I didn't have Cable yet, I wasn't able to watch their Olympic trials, but the team has been chosen:

Sam Mikulak
Jake Dalton
John Orozco 
Chris Brooks 
Alex Naddour

Which brings me to #4 CABLE - We add a month or two of Cable for the Olympics every two years.  Ours arrived Tuesday! 

You would imagine that in the year 2016, NBC wouldn't still be destroying the online streaming option.  Even with our full cable subscription I am not able to stream all the things due to the area I live in; you know, tiny tiny Phoenix.

It appears as though I am not the only one frustrated with the whole NBC app thing, but hopefully it doesn't also affect YOU, and if it does you still have 35 days to straighten it out.

FYI Track and Field trials start today and run to the 10th.

#5 B3 - This guy brings us so much joy 24/7.  I can't even describe the feelings!!!  Kids are A HOOT.

Poor little man caught the flu too.  It has been a rough week around here (plus I'm still not running ), thank goodness for the extended weekend.  Have a happy, safe, and not boiling hot 4th!


  1. He is just so cute! I love how he is just sitting there looking at the cable guy

  2. That LEGO Porsche is CRAZY!! I always put the kits together for my son and a mindcraft 800 piece set is the craziest we have done...that is a whole different level lol.

    Kids are the best, they do so many things that bring a smile to your face. A true blessing!!