It takes about two weeks to lose fitness.

...annnnd that was three weeks ago.  Yes, I'm still not running, and yes, it does suck, but yes, I'm trying to stay optimistic!!  Running is much more than exercise to me and every injury enlightens me on just that.

I will list out running for you:

  • personal time
  • meditation
  • relaxation for the day
  • outdoors fix
  • time to reflect
  • a moment to not worry if child is playing with scissors
  • tune time to jam out and unwind
  • a moment to absorb nature and adore the blueness of the sky because it is RIDICULOUSLY BLUE
  • a rejuvenating time to be amazed with everything surrounding this life!!

Mile 26.10^^

Anywho the first days my mood was no bueno borderline horrendous, but I've adjusted to this sedentary lifestyle and substituted other hobbies that do not use my lower half:

  • more reading - completed my year book # goal (it was an embarrasingly tiny book goal, but still)
  • playing the piano - oh hey did you know playing along with William Joseph makes you feel on stage?
  • extra pool time
  • earlier dinnertime 
  • staying up extra late and then sleeping in on Saturday!!! - if you keep your kid up late, he'll sleep in too 
  • toooo much of The Office - not. possible.

If there ever is a perfect time to be injured, now really is it.

So update:  My hammy tendon seems to be doing much better!!!  The thing I'm dealing with more is the sciatic nerve pain that comes along with it, so I get radiating pain at times up my hamstring to my butt (like when I car danced, or walked up two little tiny stairs at church, or jumped to hit a volleyball ONCE in a pool -- woops).  So that's irritating beyond measure, but I'm progressing.

At first every extra day off running I didn't want, but now I feel borderline healed and am terrified to start back up, but I'll see my coach/PT on Thursday and maybe it'll be time to think a little bit about starting back up?  Hoping.
 A big TBD. 


  1. Wow sleeping in, that sounds amazing lol. Sorry about all the challenges, I know how much running does for all of us. Stay positive, things will look up and you'll be back at it!!

  2. oh my gosh. I feel you. I haven't been in the habit of working out since I had Eden! I've been going once or twice a week for over a year now!! I just can't get myself to take the kids to the daycare so I don't get to go!
    I've never not worked out regularly for this long ever in my life!