Resolution Review (Take II)

Each year I love to set goals and continuously work towards them!  Writing them down helps me stay accountable and even more so it reminds me what they even are because heaven knows I'd totally forget.


  • Run 1000 miles - I hit 500 miles a month early, however (BIG however there), I only ran a handful of miles in June due to my high hamstring tendon.  That being said, even with a month off I have still been on track to 1000.  I set a goal that allowed some unplanned time off, just hopefully I allowed enough.
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  • Run 8 races - I've run three 1/2s and one full this spring so I'm doing alright.  We missed the 4th of July 4 miler which is a fun race because it's SO HOT that it's comical, but that's okay.  As my training has progressed this spring, I've found I'd rather use my early Saturday morning to go out on a really long run than race a shorter distance, so I'm no longer sure if I'll reach 8 races anymore.  The marathon, including training, has become my all time favorite!!

  • 2x PR the 1/2 marathon - I PRd ChangsPhoenix, and again at SLC, but I initially set this goal so I would PR in September which is my actual 1/2 goal time race for the year.  Charlie still thinks I can do it, but only time will tell with my comeback!  There is even new talk between Ben and I of not running the September Utah 1/2 since it requires a plane ride, but then again it'll be the very last time that B3 will fly free, so maybe it's worth taking advantage of.  Not to mention to also see family!

  •  PR the marathon - check and check!!  Getting my sub 4:00 wasn't terribly hard to do, if you can even say that about a marathon, but it keeps me confident knowing I'm capable of faster, strong races.  I want a BQ.

  •  Read 8 books - One good thing about injury is I have spent more time reading.  I just finished Unbroken (HIGHLY recommend) and am now on book #9 for the year:  Atomic Accidents.  We live <75 miles from the largest nuclear power plant in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES, and it's also the only plant not next to a large body of water.  Nuclear power = fascinating.

  • Write 1 new song - In January I set the ground for a new song!  I also started another one in May.  Hopefully I can finish one of them which is the hard part, but I LOVE to play the piano.

  • Print 2 years of blog books - So yay, I printed one in January which covers 1/2 a year, and another in June which finishes that year.  I need one, maybe two more books.

  •  Do something with the front room/office area - We turned it into the official playroom.  It's time to get some window treatments, but that's not an official year goal, just a plan that hopefully rolls out this year.  

  •  Make the guest bathroom more guest worthy - We bought some towels and all that and it stays a bit more guest worthy now-a-days.   

  • Keep the master bath cleaner - This one is the hardest for me as a mother.  At night before bed I try to put in a few minutes and I think it's making a difference.

    • Keep blogging - I am struggling a little bit, but you've heard me whiiiine about my crappy personal computadora.  I've learned it doesn't overheat and shut off on me if I prop it up on a pen though.    Rumors are flying that the Surface Pro 5 won't be out until 2017 now, instead of this summer/fall, so I'm thinking a Surface Pro 4 shall be purchased soon...  

    • Drink more water - I do ok.  I still need to bust out my Hydroflask.  This summer feels way less hot than others and I think it's because I am usually out running in the heat, but in reality June was the hottest month on record, ever.  Thank goodness for monsoon season!!

    • Get back to meal planning - Still doing and loving Blue Apron.  It is heaven sent!!!  Ben's added some Sunbasket into the mix (they have a Paleo option), but our first delivery was today so we haven't cooked it yet.  TBD!!

      •  Whiten my teeth - Check.  Want to do it again this year.

      • Just be ME.  - A work in progress.

      • Be positive and trust everybody means well - Reading this is a nice refresher.

      • Just be a better person - Also a work in progress.

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