Some Summer Highlights

Presenting the Lego Porsche in its entirety...(!!)  It was a fun summer/one-week project, Lego should come out with another one soon.

Speaking of Porsches, our new ride!!!

Or two!!!

Make it three!!

Just kidding.  In the market for a small SUV, but perhaps one more affordable for starts.  It was like 110 when we took these if you were wondering.

Summertime is awesome even when it gets ridiculous.  The one drawback is scorpions like to come out and remind you that they exist.  Nuclear war could bring our human population back to the prehistoric days, but not scorpions and cockroaches, they'd live on.  They are that hard to get rid of!  But of course I find a way (rocks... are my way.)

I saw this one ^^ on a walk, not at our house.  As far as I know, we're scorpion free.

This summer we added in Sun Basket to our meal planning.  I've mentioned we do and LOVE Blue Apron 3x a week but wanted to explore Sun Basket's paleo meals so we've had them 3x a week for the past couple of weeks too.  Well I must say that I'm impressed.  Paleo has never been so fancy and delicious!!  We hardly go out to eat anymore because we can't wait to cook a meal up.

The Olympic trials ended with a bang last weekend with the rest of track finals and the final night for women's gymnastic.  I'm obsessed with running, but believe it or not gymnastics is my #1 Olympic love.  The team was named and I was off by one guess!  I was hoping for Ashton Locklear to make it over Madison Kocian, but it was pretty evident by the end of trials that Madison was going to be chosen instead, and it was definitely for the best.

Laurie, Aly, Simone, Gabby, Madison
Alternates:  Ashton, Ragan, Mykala (Gilbert girl!)

Now we have to wait for the actual Olympics in a few weeks.

We've been doing a lot of swimming, it's probably the #1 way to survive summer in Arizona.  Since June was so hot, the pool was like a bathtub earlier than usual, so evening swimming has been perfect to avoid sunburning the child.  He LOVES to swim!  Every day when Ben comes home, Bentz runs to him, gets picked up, and then points to the window "shhhshhee."

A couple other shots of the B3 who is nearing two years old and becoming so much fun.  Sometimes we feel like he needs a little play buddy.

Genuine terror after the blender turned on in the background.  I just happened to be taking pictures.  lol

Church has been a little easier lately because B3 likes to go sit with other families and play with their much cooler toys and talk to them.  He never ever sits on the chair when he's with us.

And my last favorite of the summer thus far: my family.  They are pretty epic.  I'm excited to all hang out in a coupla weeks.

Happy summer!!


  1. The two pictures of the scorpion LOL!!!!

  2. Who attacks innocent scorpions like that sheesh lol.

    Pool or water hose or some other cooling method are absolutely necessary in the AZ summer. Its still 85° at 4am these days.