Workin' Mom

This morning I got frustrated because Bentz wanted to sit on my lap and would not go play for even just five minutes.  He loves to sit and organize things (Jolly Ranchers, Post-Its, full blown boxes of Jiffy Mix...) while I work, which is usually fine with me, but today he was up, down, back up, down, up down and on and on and on and I lost it!!

Annnnd then I felt HORRIBLE.

I LOVE HIM.  He can sit here all day if he wants.  My family is my #1, work and life will come after that for sure.

I put him down for a nap and he decided to read a book.    22 months of pure bliss!!!  (That is a lie lol.  There has been much exhaustion, but I do love it all.)


  1. We all run into that scenario now and then. Life gets us frustrated and we lose some patience. Church does a good job reminding me that in always want to send a message of love to the kids, even when we discipline. I always try to remember that, but if course drop the ball here and there lol

  2. That picture of you two is SOOOO cute!!