32 Things While I'm 32

It's birthday week which means I have been compiling my 32s list for a little while now.  Some are from last year's list I have wanted to do again, plus some new ideas with a little less dependency on other people's schedules.  This isn't a goals list but just things to do/visit/see and a way to spice up the weekend plans, plus another left brain satisfaction via a list and check marks. ✓✓✓

Numbered, yet in no particular order:

1-Go to a Diamondbacks game
2-Consume churro dog
3-Go to the new planetarium aquarium (lol I swear I meant aquarium) -- Odysea!  (opening early fall)
4-Paddle boats at Tempe Town
5-Family zoo trip
6-Family pictures
7-Eat PHO
8-Spruce up our bedroom decor
9-Visit Munds Park
10-Rent a cabin
11-Find a new subject to learn about
12-Take a dance class
13-Run a holiday race
14-Spend time with my Nikon
15-Read a fictional book
16-Go for morning breakfast/bagels/hot chocolate with the fam
17-Family hike
18-Go through my closet and DI
19-Put more focus on upper body fitness
20-Order a new piano music book
21-Paint a canvas
22-Christmas lights family drive
23-Bake a Pinterest treat
24-Make Butter Beer
25-Put Christmas lights on the house
26-Watch Harry Potter (I have never seen it)
27-Find a new true crime author
28-Make sushi
29-Have PRETZEL DAY and make home made pretzels
31-Disneyland trip
32-Visit a local restaurant/food joint from The Food Network

Now the big question, which one to we start off with first?  After all we are looking at an extended holiday weekend.  Maybe #26 or #32?  #21??  #29???

Week 6: We ran in KANAB!

But first, a running questionnaire:

1. Best run ever:  I couldn't tell you just one, although it would most likely be from this past spring.  Spring running is the best around here and I still had a lot of races on my schedule for the whole year to look forward to!

2. Three words that describe my running:  consistent, rejuvenating, mostly-easy-paced (that counts as one word if I put --- in it??)

3. My go-to running outfit is:  Shorts and a tank top/sleeveless -- sleeves and capris make me hot! ☀

4. Quirky habit while running:  I'm not sure...  ?  I don't think I have one.

5. Morning, midday, evening:  I love morning running the most.

6. I won’t run outside when it’s:  Over 110.  Anything over 100 degrees requires extra slow running to be safe.

7. Worst injury—and how I got over it:
  High hamstring tendon, what I'm still dealing with.

8. I felt most like a bad$%* mother runner when:  I picked up the pace the final 10k of my last marathon.  In the words of my coach, "you ran a near perfect race."  

9. Next race is: 6 weeks from now, YMCA 1/2

10. Potential running goal for 2016:  I wanted a sub 4:00 marathon and I got it, so now I'd like to become a Marathon Maniac.  I also wanted to run 1000 miles but the summer injury has kind of put a damper on that.  We shall see!

Anywhooo we ran in KANAB UTAH!!  We went up to visit family there and the weather was awesome.  My long run was horrid but afterwards I learned the elevation was like 5200 or something, so that makes me feel a tiny bit better.  I was really frustrated and cut out a mile cuz I was working way too hard and my hammy was throbbing and I just sucked.  It happens.  But I did run with Mr. Ben!!  (Poor guy.  lol)

How would it be to wake up to the red rocks everyday?

I am so happy about seeing hot air balloons (can you see the two of them below??).  I talk about them soooooooo much I know this, but they are the best thing to see after dragging your tired butt outside at a ridiculous hour.  #instantenergyboost

11 weeks to go and I am excited to see some 70s in the early morning forecast -- wahoooo!!  Bring it.

& just one more Newport Beach post

Usually by the end of a vacation we're ready to come back home and get back to our routine, BUT NOT THIS TIME!!  We didn't want to leave and now that we're home I am going to find a way to get us back asap.

We tried to set aside extra time to relax and hang out at the beach house.  Might as well enjoy it since it's not everyday (or any day, really) that we get to wake up to see the beach/ocean.

Week 4 & 5: Doin' Good, Still Hot

A couple of weeks have gone by so I thought I'd do an update on how my hamstring is doing and my progress!!  Especially since I watched the men's marathon yesterday (TWICE) and am feeling inspired as.  

(I was eating bacon.)

We are 12 weeks out from the first big race and five weeks prior to that I have a 1/2 planned so I'm antsy to be running more mileage!  I have 10 weeks to get my long run up from six to hopefully at least one 20 miler, but I'm starting to wonder if I'll even get any 20 milers in in that time frame???

Good news is aside from the occasional hamstring tweak I always find a way of doing (putting B3 in his crib at night...seriously...it's happened like five times that way... like Saturday freaking night), running has not been a problem.  I still can't cross train my lower half tho, but soon I hope!!  I really want to take hip hop and a bar class.  

I run down to this spot (below) as a warm up and to drop water that I lug with me for the lovely mile+, then I stop to do some quick dynamic stretches.  This time of my long run morning is like in my top 10% of the week's best moments. 

I miss hot air balloons during the summer, but to my delight there has usually been a few out still, even though the night low is somewhere upper 80s.

^^ have carried mace for yeaaaars.  never used it tho.

I did a run in 108 because I really wanted some Vitamin D!!  I always am fine for a few miles and am like THIS AIN'T THAT BAD YO but then get hot suddenly and have to slow down and wonder why I didn't just stick to the treadmill.  The rest of the week I got up early to run.  There are very few months a year that Ben and I can both fit our runs in in the morning before work because of the sunrise time, but right now is one of them so wahoo, gotta take advantage.  Usually he runs a.m. (in the dark) and I run p.m.

Since things have been going well I got the word that it's time amp up the volume and I'm stoked.  I haven't run a double digit long run since May.  I miss them.

Universal Studios + Harry Potter Land

This is my 600th post in the last <six years!  Pretty crazy.  I decided to look up my last blog from my pre-Buhr days, which I still haven't taken down believe-it-or-not, and there are 193 posts there in two+ years.  That is a lot of posting for a personal/journal/running/family/whatever blog!!  I think I am proud, for nobody really blogs anymore.

Anywho, we went to Universal Studios and Harry Potter Land!  We had tickets that allowed us into the park an hour early to experience Harry Potter Land before the crowds, because it gets really, really crowded.  The nutty thing is the park opens at 8, which means we had to be there by 7, and it was a weekday, and LA has outrageous traffic no matter the time/day, but throw morning rush hour in the mix and to get there by 7 we had to wake up at 4!  It was earliest we've gotten up for a non-run related funtivity, but worth it.

A Magnet Lesson

It's been like a week and I'm still pretty thrilled about this story and chuckle to myself when I think about it.

Our cabinets automatically lock shut by a magnetic lock and we use a magnetic "key" to open them.  It sounds kind of annoying and it was for about a day when we adjusted to always locked cabinets, but really it's just nice that there's no way B3 can get inside them.  You hold the magnetic key in front of the cabinet and click, opens.

Safety 1st - Magnetic Lock System

So I went running one evening and Ben cooked us some dinner (yes he's the BEST)!  Fast forward some 8000 steps, I come home and he pulls out the the cookie sheet after roasting in 400 degrees for some 20+ minutes...

That ^^ is a roasted cabinet lock key magnetically attached to the cookie sheet.  And that, my friends, is something I would do, NOT Ben.  EVER!!  And that is why I am so happy about it.  Hahaha

A lesson in magnets:  if you roast them, they don't work very well.

PS since there is a 99.9% chance that he'll read this:  I LOVE YOU BEN.  

Newport Beachy Beach

Usually on family vacation we jam pack our time with non-stop stuff, but this time around we devoted a few days to just enjoying the beach and beach house, which was the BEST.  I enjoy the downtime, especially now that I'm a mom!

We went to...

We had an open day while on vacation so we decided to take the lil guy to Knott's Berry Farm for his first time!  He's to the age where he can enjoy the madness, although I'm sure he was WTFing the whole time.  We all obsessed over every reaction of his; we are always those parents.  Hashtag don't care.

Knott's has a Charlie Brown/western theme going on throughout.  Kinda fun.

WEEK 3: Newport Beach Running!

Week three was the best ever!  Mostly because of my running partners and the location we got to run in, and not having any setbacks with my hammy.  I got to run along the boardwalk at Newport Beach, and the temperatures were freaking amazing.  I have no idea what my fitness level is at after taking time off, and throw in super hot temperatures and it's hard to gauge fitness in the summer anyways, but put me in some nice weather and it's a little boost of confidence ------> yaaaay!!!

Incognito Porsche shot for the big Ben.  

I got to run with my dad a couple of times which was the best!  He runs on the treadmill every morning, always has, probably always will, so he's the original "Hales runner."

Oh hey sunset and pier and ocean and 75 degrees and fishing pole that a guy walked up and set there as I was getting my picture taken.

The boardwalk turns right into the street at one end, which is where we'd come upon my family always sitting on the balcony.  Bentz would usually cry when one of us ran past because he didn't want us to leave.

Now you know me quite well without makeup.  :P

Oh California, your weather is perfect for running.