32 Things While I'm 32

It's birthday week which means I have been compiling my 32s list for a little while now.  Some are from last year's list I have wanted to do again, plus some new ideas with a little less dependency on other people's schedules.  This isn't a goals list but just things to do/visit/see and a way to spice up the weekend plans, plus another left brain satisfaction via a list and check marks. ✓✓✓

Numbered, yet in no particular order:

1-Go to a Diamondbacks game
2-Consume churro dog
3-Go to the new planetarium aquarium (lol I swear I meant aquarium) -- Odysea!  (opening early fall)
4-Paddle boats at Tempe Town
5-Family zoo trip
6-Family pictures
7-Eat PHO
8-Spruce up our bedroom decor
9-Visit Munds Park
10-Rent a cabin
11-Find a new subject to learn about
12-Take a dance class
13-Run a holiday race
14-Spend time with my Nikon
15-Read a fictional book
16-Go for morning breakfast/bagels/hot chocolate with the fam
17-Family hike
18-Go through my closet and DI
19-Put more focus on upper body fitness
20-Order a new piano music book
21-Paint a canvas
22-Christmas lights family drive
23-Bake a Pinterest treat
24-Make Butter Beer
25-Put Christmas lights on the house
26-Watch Harry Potter (I have never seen it)
27-Find a new true crime author
28-Make sushi
29-Have PRETZEL DAY and make home made pretzels
31-Disneyland trip
32-Visit a local restaurant/food joint from The Food Network

Now the big question, which one to we start off with first?  After all we are looking at an extended holiday weekend.  Maybe #26 or #32?  #21??  #29???


  1. 32 sounds like a perfect place to start.

  2. Eating pho is a good item... Mmmm

  3. I totally vote for #29 first too. hahaha :)

  4. I love this. I'm SO glad you've made a goal to watch Harry Potter!!!!