A Magnet Lesson

It's been like a week and I'm still pretty thrilled about this story and chuckle to myself when I think about it.

Our cabinets automatically lock shut by a magnetic lock and we use a magnetic "key" to open them.  It sounds kind of annoying and it was for about a day when we adjusted to always locked cabinets, but really it's just nice that there's no way B3 can get inside them.  You hold the magnetic key in front of the cabinet and click, opens.

Safety 1st - Magnetic Lock System

So I went running one evening and Ben cooked us some dinner (yes he's the BEST)!  Fast forward some 8000 steps, I come home and he pulls out the the cookie sheet after roasting in 400 degrees for some 20+ minutes...

That ^^ is a roasted cabinet lock key magnetically attached to the cookie sheet.  And that, my friends, is something I would do, NOT Ben.  EVER!!  And that is why I am so happy about it.  Hahaha

A lesson in magnets:  if you roast them, they don't work very well.

PS since there is a 99.9% chance that he'll read this:  I LOVE YOU BEN.  


  1. Lol that's great! Can you buy a spare magnet key!?

  2. That looks yummy! And those locks are so cool!! I need to get some of those

  3. I didn't see the magnet, all I saw was the delicious food