& just one more Newport Beach post

Usually by the end of a vacation we're ready to come back home and get back to our routine, BUT NOT THIS TIME!!  We didn't want to leave and now that we're home I am going to find a way to get us back asap.

We tried to set aside extra time to relax and hang out at the beach house.  Might as well enjoy it since it's not everyday (or any day, really) that we get to wake up to see the beach/ocean.

One of the highlights was riding bikes down the boardwalk and everywhere.  Why isn't this the norm in my Phoenix neighborhood?  We may not have an ocean or beach, but we have the temperatures that require perma-swimsuit wearing and smoothies.

Picking up breakfast with Ben and my dad.  They even sported the bikes with baskets and bells.  

This picture breaks my heart into a million pieces.  I didn't know how sad B3 was when his mommy and daddy went on a little bike ride date.

Bentz got plenty of attention since he is the only grandchild!  My mom joined us for the first half of the vaca and my dad flew in for the second.  They actually ran into each other at the airport while doing said parental switcheroo.

It's fun having a cute sister in law who is into similar things as I am.  She did my nails and this week she's going to do my eyelashes!

^^I'm so fascinated with nuclear energy.  We drove past our local-ish nuclear power plant on the way home.  Too bad we couldn't tour!!  It has three reactors and I've mentioned is the largest in the US.  (So hopefully nothing ever happens to it.  )

Anywho, nap time proved to be perfect for reading.

Happy Birthday dad!!

We had rootbeer floats and watched the opening ceremonies which was the best ever and I am sad the Olympics are over X a million because they were the best!!

This was one of my favorite trips and I am ready to do it all over again asap.  I love hangin' with the fam!  They are the best.


  1. Beach looks awesome. We will be in Mexico in Oct and plan to spend a lot of time at the beach. It's go to be awesome.

  2. So many comments....
    1. I can't believe your dad is only 59! I mean, he doesn't look older than that, but I didn't realize he was so young!
    2. I remember when our family only had 1 grandchil, it was so fun -obviously it's even more fun now that mine have arrived and since they're the youngest get just as much attention as #1 did- maybe more :)
    3. I love the Olympics SO MUCH! Summer Olympics especially!!
    4. I love Newport Beach so much too!!! It's the best! We went there every summer growing up and now hardly ever :'(
    5. Your piano skills are amazing!