Newport Beachy Beach

Usually on family vacation we jam pack our time with non-stop stuff, but this time around we devoted a few days to just enjoying the beach and beach house, which was the BEST.  I enjoy the downtime, especially now that I'm a mom!

The beach house is the one just left of the palm tree.

The wind blew right as I took the picture.  haha

Much better.

So a funny story about this picture of my mom on the rocks.  She had been standing out there for seriously 20+ minutes without a drop of water reaching her, so I thought I'll go join her cuz that looks fun!!!!  I went and stood next to her and not 30 seconds later a strong wave drenched me starting with my FACE.   

The newlyweds building a sand castle and Google Photos making it cool for me.

My enlarged brother I am starting to get used to looking at; for awhile there I kept thinking there was a stranger in my midst.  He got sick of being Hales skinny, got a personal trainer, and gained almost 40 pounds.  It's really weird that he's not skinny after like 28 very skinny years.

I'm not sure how my sister got this sweet picture without getting totally drenched.

B3 was terrified of the water AND beach and didn't want to experience it unless he was held.  It probably was due to the loud waves and the water was reaaaally cold, especially when all he's know in his life is WARM.  I mean, if the water is less than 95 degrees he shivers.  lol

We need to find a way to make our permanent address 4900 Seashore, Newport BEACH.  I have been overcome by the post beach blues this week and they don't seem to be letting up much.  Nothing is better than chillin' with the fam at the beach.