We went to...

We had an open day while on vacation so we decided to take the lil guy to Knott's Berry Farm for his first time!  He's to the age where he can enjoy the madness, although I'm sure he was WTFing the whole time.  We all obsessed over every reaction of his; we are always those parents.  Hashtag don't care.

Knott's has a Charlie Brown/western theme going on throughout.  Kinda fun.

Although not his first ride, this was the first one he probably remembers:  the trucks!  Last time we took him to a theme park he was 14 months and just gawked at everything.

We were all SO beyond excited for him to come around on his first ride and all were videoing it, and he didn't even smile.  lol  He just was like...why are we doing this...  

But I do think he enjoyed. 

The next ride was a level TWO thrill.  haha  It was kind of like a mini version of Lagoon's old Magic Carpet Ride.  Remember the Magic Carpet Ride??

Below is mid ride as we circled back down.  He was soooo confused!  lol

I like Knott's cuz it has a little of everything from coasters to kiddie rides, and it's less crowded than Disneyland (and way cheaper).  Bentz got to ride to his heart's content, and we all got rounds on crazy roller coasters (0-82mph in 2 seconds?)...

Throwing it back a few years to our last time at Knott's, the giant swings (that got stuck at the top for 4+ hours a year later) got taken down!  Rumor has it that it resides in Kansas' Worlds of Fun.  

Bentz was so worn out he zonked out in a few seconds with his new stuffed animal from grandma.  

Below is my family all going down on the log ride while we hung back with a slumbering B3.  They didn't even scream or anything, it was like it wasn't thrilling at all!!  Turns out my sister lost her $400 GPS watch right before the hill...so... that's crappy.  A terrible time for the band to break.

Trying to one up last time:

Bentz got a balloon and was so happy!

It was a roasty day, but memorable and awesome.  Next time we go hopefully B3 is old enough to ride our favorite self propelled kiddie ride we used to ride as kids.  Thank goodness it's still there, and hopefully it remains!


Epic memories!


  1. What a fun trip! My whole family all acts exactly like that with our babies, everyone watches and cheers for every little thing, I love it!!

  2. Awesome day. I think the balloon was his favorite part lol.

    Oh man lost watch, yikes.!! I once lost a pair of Oakleys at Sea World on the raft ride. Oh man I was pi#$%&!!