WEEK 3: Newport Beach Running!

Week three was the best ever!  Mostly because of my running partners and the location we got to run in, and not having any setbacks with my hammy.  I got to run along the boardwalk at Newport Beach, and the temperatures were freaking amazing.  I have no idea what my fitness level is at after taking time off, and throw in super hot temperatures and it's hard to gauge fitness in the summer anyways, but put me in some nice weather and it's a little boost of confidence ------> yaaaay!!!

Incognito Porsche shot for the big Ben.  

I got to run with my dad a couple of times which was the best!  He runs on the treadmill every morning, always has, probably always will, so he's the original "Hales runner."

Oh hey sunset and pier and ocean and 75 degrees and fishing pole that a guy walked up and set there as I was getting my picture taken.

The boardwalk turns right into the street at one end, which is where we'd come upon my family always sitting on the balcony.  Bentz would usually cry when one of us ran past because he didn't want us to leave.

Now you know me quite well without makeup.  :P

Oh California, your weather is perfect for running.


  1. I love that your family (both your mom AND your dad) can still somehow vacation together! That's impressive!

    1. My mom was out for the first half, my dad the second! They are friendly, but not THAT friendly. lol