Week 4 & 5: Doin' Good, Still Hot

A couple of weeks have gone by so I thought I'd do an update on how my hamstring is doing and my progress!!  Especially since I watched the men's marathon yesterday (TWICE) and am feeling inspired as.  

(I was eating bacon.)

We are 12 weeks out from the first big race and five weeks prior to that I have a 1/2 planned so I'm antsy to be running more mileage!  I have 10 weeks to get my long run up from six to hopefully at least one 20 miler, but I'm starting to wonder if I'll even get any 20 milers in in that time frame???

Good news is aside from the occasional hamstring tweak I always find a way of doing (putting B3 in his crib at night...seriously...it's happened like five times that way... like Saturday freaking night), running has not been a problem.  I still can't cross train my lower half tho, but soon I hope!!  I really want to take hip hop and a bar class.  

I run down to this spot (below) as a warm up and to drop water that I lug with me for the lovely mile+, then I stop to do some quick dynamic stretches.  This time of my long run morning is like in my top 10% of the week's best moments. 

I miss hot air balloons during the summer, but to my delight there has usually been a few out still, even though the night low is somewhere upper 80s.

^^ have carried mace for yeaaaars.  never used it tho.

I did a run in 108 because I really wanted some Vitamin D!!  I always am fine for a few miles and am like THIS AIN'T THAT BAD YO but then get hot suddenly and have to slow down and wonder why I didn't just stick to the treadmill.  The rest of the week I got up early to run.  There are very few months a year that Ben and I can both fit our runs in in the morning before work because of the sunrise time, but right now is one of them so wahoo, gotta take advantage.  Usually he runs a.m. (in the dark) and I run p.m.

Since things have been going well I got the word that it's time amp up the volume and I'm stoked.  I haven't run a double digit long run since May.  I miss them.

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