B3 had his 2 year doctor's appointment this week and is a bit skinny, but a healthy boy.  He had to get a couple of shots and that was sad!!  Plus he popped out molars this week and earlier in the month too, so he's a champ and we love him!

Between him, work and running, I haven't been able to knock out posts like I'd hoped to since getting my sweet new computer.  I am hoping to change that.

Meanwhile, we are going to see Sully tonight and I'm pretty excited.  I hear it's a good one.  I remember the exact moment I got onto and saw the headliner was about a plane landing in the Hudson and everyone getting off of it.  Pretty remarkable.

Have a great weekend!  Back to work for me for a little bit, I'm working on a job called SkullCandy, in Park City, Utah.  I should get some sweet headphones out of the deal or something, kind of like the flat screen I never got out of those RC Willeys. 

A buncha GIFS

My brother has one of those exploding Note 7s and it's pretty sweet and allows you to easily make GIFS out of anything.  I would trade my Note 5 for an exploding 7 any day.  :D

Presenting a bunch of cute, B3 GIFS.............

Week 10: Is the treadmill harder?

It feels like the weeks are flying by and I just realized that I have a race in < TWO weeks!  It'll be interesting, but hopefully fun.  I should probably register for it.  :P

Mom there's a rock in my shoe.

Well I've gotten my mileage back up to the 30s, but this week my legs have felt beat up and were sore non-stop!  I had a tempo, progressive, easy, and a long run, plus some light cross training.  I've been mostly doing squats, lunges, bridging, planking and some PT exercises for XT days, but I'm still so sore every time, even though it's been a few weeks since I added lower body back in.  It blows my mind how fast you can lose it compared to how long it takes to get it back.  After my long run yesterday I am so sore today!?  More sore than I recall running has made me in a lonnnnnng time, but I am also coming off a week where I had my first prescribed 8:xx paced workouts since injury, so it feels like one thing after another and I was stoked for a rest day!!

The best part of making these marathon training graphics each week is getting online to find a new font.  lol

Anywho, the days are getting so short that I've had to adjust a bulk of my weekday miles to be on the treadmill [at 5am!!  I'm crazy].  A lot of people say the treadmill is easier for them but I'm the complete opposite and my paces feel about a minute/mile harder on it, so it's going to take awhile before I'm used to ole tready again.

Going on a walk before 7am.  Who am I??

I have been trying to figure out why the treadmill is so much harder.  I have fans galore and try to keep my cadence the same, plus I watch something glorious for entertainment, and I have no idea.  I did a little research on it and came up with a couple of interesting points: 

1-The belt propels you causing you to use less of your hamstring muscles and more of your quads
 which could mess with your gait and tire you.

2-The treadmill is a constant pace, when outdoors you are able to control the pace according to your effort, so running a 9:00/mile pace on the treadmill is literally 9:00/mile regardless if your energy ebbs and flows, while out doors you can vary significantly to equal an overall 9:00/mile.

3-The treadmill can be a brain game and the monotony can just make it hard to overcome that.  I think this one is kind of a given.  No landmarks!!

I read an article where a study was done with some runners running on a track who then tried to mimic their same efforts on the treadmill without being able to see their pace.   A 6:50 track pace effort = an 8:50 pace on the treadmill!  That seems a little excessive to me, but it goes to show that the treadmill most likely isn't the same effort level as outdoor running, for easier or for harder.

My long run was 14 miles and it was pretty good and in fabulous weather!  I had 2x 4 miles at half marathon pace and although I haven't yet discussed any time goals with my coach, judging by my workout paces he's given me, I think he's thinking a 1:59.  That is probably a good goal for right now, but TBD.

Fall is Coming

Pajama PANTS, not shorts (or none, let's be honest):

Pumpkin smell-goods.  Gotta switch it out...for the second time today.  #decisions :

MY WINDOW OPEN WHILE I WORK (!!)  It was like 85 when I took this (lol), but still, cloudy!:

Beautiful weather!  It's about time we got some of that round these roasty parts:

Race season has showed up on my schedule.  See the purpley/pink blob?  First race of the season:

Listening to this throughout the house:
Perhaps pre-mature if you ask Ben,

but fall is coming.

Week 9: Getting my groove back.

Two posts in one weekend!  Does anybody even read blogs on the weekend??  Hello??  Mom?

I am finally getting to a point where I feel like I'm getting my running groove back, my cadence is pretty consistent instead of all over the place, and I feel pretty comfortable.  So yay.  I also am starting to add some faster pacing into the mix which is fun sometimes hard, but alas, I still have no idea what kind of time goal I'm going to shoot for come race day.  I feel like a PR is waaay out of reach, but I have a buncha heavier weeks of training ahead in some cooler temperatures, so despite always wanting full control of everything life, I shall wait a little longer to figure that out.

My mom was in town for a bit of this week, so we got to do some running together!!  I drop the baby monitor next to her bed, and we head out.  Waking up to grandma is probably a whole lot more fun than regular ole mom (ME).

Ben is rocking his training!  This weekend he ran a 15 miler which is the longest run he's done (he's run 15 a few times this year while training for the 1/2), but next weekend will be a new distance record for him.

The days really are getting short!  I love that long runs can start a little later in the winter, but soon I can't do my week day morning runs outside because I don't do the dark.  Even the evenings are getting dark too early!  It is only September!!

I love the areas I run!  I love the regulars I see out there also running, walking, even picking up garbage every morning because there are GOOD people out there in this nutty world.  It is the best and such a boost to exchange GOOD MORNINGS.

My mother-in-law was also in town, and her cute, 2 lb dog, Tashi, wanted to stretch with me.  It must be a dog thing, cuz Rykar bombards me whenever I'm stretching.  Now that I think of it, so does my child.

14 miler this week.  Then 16.  Then a 1/2.  Then 18.  That's as far as my long runs are scheduled and it's getting me excited.  Maybe I will get up to 20 after all.


Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy!

So Bentley turned two and we had a minions party!  He loves anything minions and when he says MINION we die of cuteness.  SO CUTE.

He went down for a nap and we all got down to minions decorating business.  It was fun having my mom and step-dad in town for the par-tay, especially cuz we suddenly picked the date.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my marm's 35th birthday!    I want to shout out on basically all my social media because she is the best mom in the world!  HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!  I hope it is a fabulous day!

She has been here visiting and just went home two days ago and we miss her already!

Feed the ducks, tuppence a bag...

My little brother and his new wife have this sweet pond area where they live, so we all went over to drive the RC boat around it (hehe) and also feed the duckies.  It was a hot weekend but by evening it was becoming borderline perfect, so basically we need to get outside every day from here to next June!!

The little boat seriously cruises.  #ispy

I need more pictures with my handsome little man that aren't selfies!

Grandma is in serious B3 heaven.  As I write this they are playing with his birthday toys in the front room while she is teaching him new words.    He just had a minions birthday party and can say "minion" pretty well.  "MININ."  Gah... so cute.

I handed B3 a small piece of bread to throw and he immediately ate it.  lol  Smart kid.

Never would I have imagined most of my family (including me) would live in Arizona.  Now if we could only get my mom and Jeff to move here too; Jeff would definitely require some good time acclimating cuz he thinks 70 is hot [and I think that's cold!].  

Week 8: Double Digits

I had a double digits run for the first time since...April?  Basically 5 months... wow... I hadn't realized that.  But I HAVE MISSED THEM.  I was worried since this weekend we're into another heat wave so I started as early as I felt safe doing, and I made it ten miles before getting too roasty toasty.  Usually a long run in the 80s+100% glorious sunshine raining down on you = tough to get through the final miles, so I was happy.

Monday was a holiday and it was a cooler, PERFECT morning, so I got my run in, then Ben ran while Bentz and I walked his route, and I wish/ed every morning started like this.  THE BEST.

I decided to take a look back and see what kind of mileage I was running this weekend last year while training for the same race, which I had run a 13 miler, so I wasn't a whole lot further along than I am now (I never ran any 20 milers a year ago though).  Good news is my knee was fine this week as was my hamstring, so perhaps my current injury/ies are becoming a thing of the PAST and I can freaking murder the next nine weeks because THERE ARE ONLY NINE MORE WEEKS MURDERABLE.

Just sitting in front of the fan to try to avoid the post-run-hair-drench.  And I really need to retire my pretty purple shoes but they go with so many outfits...

Handsome has been enjoying the a.m. workouts.


Onto another week and the fun part is family came into town and my mom gets to stay a little longer!!  Maybe Ben and I will get to run together in the a.m. too.  


It has been a little while, so...

Eating:  I just had a chicken salad with Costco's Lemon Ginger Sesame Vinaigrette salad dressing, which is amazing.  I went to Google and I found a picture of it for you because you should buy it next time you're at Costco.  My boy likes to dip his food in it too.

I am also eating some sour mini gummy bites that my sister in law gave me, although I'm trying to hide them from Bentz.  It's amazing the lengths I will go to hide a snack from him, like closing myself in the pantry whilst stuffing it down my shirt.  It's not that I don't like sharing, it's just he is a toddler and toddlers want another before they're even tasting the one in their mouth, and it's an ongoing cycle until the package is licked (literally) clean.

Wearing:  Well a miracle is upon us, I'm not wearing running clothes.  I was an hour ago but I showered (finally) and now I'm clean and in a fresh pair of... leggings.  

Feeling:  Excitement for Bentz's birthday party this weekend, having my family in town, and the Kellog's Tour of Gymnastics Champions that my brother and I are going to in a couple of weeks.  It is another welcomed dose of gymnastics since I'm going through massive withdrawals.

Weather:  It's low 90s out and has been nice this week thanks to the hurricane Newton that's swept over Phoenix.  However, the humidity has been really freaking high, it detracted from the 75 degrees that was my run this morning, but I really like the low 70s coming up, and perhaps the triples are almost a thing of summer past?

Wanting:  The house we put an offer in on and didn't get!  Ben and I just can't seem to get over that one for some reason.  Everyone says there'll be another one, but it's the only house we have wanted to  physically go see during the past six months of watching the MLS.  It is so pretty!

Needing:  To start drawing my next job, it is called Legacy Village.

Thinking:  I love our little guy.  He makes us so freaking happy!  While finally showering for the day, he slid off our tall bed (or something of the likes) and bit his lip.  It was so bloody and so sad and I felt soooo terrible for taking some time to try to look publicly acceptable at the cost of my sweet child's supervision.  I gave him a Popsicle and a sippy cup of his beloved Pedialyte and I think it'll be okay.  I LOVE HIM.

Saving for:  The future?  No longer a new Surface Pro.  

Learning:  I cannot sleep in anymore!  Even when I try, and I'm not sure if it's motherhood?  Ben gets up at 5 and I'm up by 5:30 because I can't go back to sleep, so ALL my runs this week were mornings, which is really nice, but this is a huge change from the night owl, go-to-bed-at-1-when-I-have-to-get-up-at-5:30 girl I used to be.  People say you will never sleep the same once you have a kid, and I guess they really were right.

Enjoying:  Our life pattern.

Reading:  Fear Came to Town - about a town called Santa Clause, Georgia, with the 5th highest crime rate in the country.  lol

Planning for:  Fall racing, trips, and Christmas!

Watching:  The Office, what I always have on while I work.  At night we've been watching the tv show Limitless, it's pretty entertaining.

Loving:  Post nap snuggling, LipSense, Spark, running skirts, early morning runs, gorgeous sunsets

Listening:  My playlists are way too long to even go there, but I have recently put a pine candle in the Scentsy and binged on Home Alone soundtracks.  I love Christmas.

Anticipating:  Becoming a MM, more on that later when I get closer to execution.

Thankful for:  My family, life, being able to run, my job, caffeine, sunshine, my new computer, etc. ETC.!!