It has been a little while, so...

Eating:  I just had a chicken salad with Costco's Lemon Ginger Sesame Vinaigrette salad dressing, which is amazing.  I went to Google and I found a picture of it for you because you should buy it next time you're at Costco.  My boy likes to dip his food in it too.

I am also eating some sour mini gummy bites that my sister in law gave me, although I'm trying to hide them from Bentz.  It's amazing the lengths I will go to hide a snack from him, like closing myself in the pantry whilst stuffing it down my shirt.  It's not that I don't like sharing, it's just he is a toddler and toddlers want another before they're even tasting the one in their mouth, and it's an ongoing cycle until the package is licked (literally) clean.

Wearing:  Well a miracle is upon us, I'm not wearing running clothes.  I was an hour ago but I showered (finally) and now I'm clean and in a fresh pair of... leggings.  

Feeling:  Excitement for Bentz's birthday party this weekend, having my family in town, and the Kellog's Tour of Gymnastics Champions that my brother and I are going to in a couple of weeks.  It is another welcomed dose of gymnastics since I'm going through massive withdrawals.

Weather:  It's low 90s out and has been nice this week thanks to the hurricane Newton that's swept over Phoenix.  However, the humidity has been really freaking high, it detracted from the 75 degrees that was my run this morning, but I really like the low 70s coming up, and perhaps the triples are almost a thing of summer past?

Wanting:  The house we put an offer in on and didn't get!  Ben and I just can't seem to get over that one for some reason.  Everyone says there'll be another one, but it's the only house we have wanted to  physically go see during the past six months of watching the MLS.  It is so pretty!

Needing:  To start drawing my next job, it is called Legacy Village.

Thinking:  I love our little guy.  He makes us so freaking happy!  While finally showering for the day, he slid off our tall bed (or something of the likes) and bit his lip.  It was so bloody and so sad and I felt soooo terrible for taking some time to try to look publicly acceptable at the cost of my sweet child's supervision.  I gave him a Popsicle and a sippy cup of his beloved Pedialyte and I think it'll be okay.  I LOVE HIM.

Saving for:  The future?  No longer a new Surface Pro.  

Learning:  I cannot sleep in anymore!  Even when I try, and I'm not sure if it's motherhood?  Ben gets up at 5 and I'm up by 5:30 because I can't go back to sleep, so ALL my runs this week were mornings, which is really nice, but this is a huge change from the night owl, go-to-bed-at-1-when-I-have-to-get-up-at-5:30 girl I used to be.  People say you will never sleep the same once you have a kid, and I guess they really were right.

Enjoying:  Our life pattern.

Reading:  Fear Came to Town - about a town called Santa Clause, Georgia, with the 5th highest crime rate in the country.  lol

Planning for:  Fall racing, trips, and Christmas!

Watching:  The Office, what I always have on while I work.  At night we've been watching the tv show Limitless, it's pretty entertaining.

Loving:  Post nap snuggling, LipSense, Spark, running skirts, early morning runs, gorgeous sunsets

Listening:  My playlists are way too long to even go there, but I have recently put a pine candle in the Scentsy and binged on Home Alone soundtracks.  I love Christmas.

Anticipating:  Becoming a MM, more on that later when I get closer to execution.

Thankful for:  My family, life, being able to run, my job, caffeine, sunshine, my new computer, etc. ETC.!!

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