Feed the ducks, tuppence a bag...

My little brother and his new wife have this sweet pond area where they live, so we all went over to drive the RC boat around it (hehe) and also feed the duckies.  It was a hot weekend but by evening it was becoming borderline perfect, so basically we need to get outside every day from here to next June!!

The little boat seriously cruises.  #ispy

I need more pictures with my handsome little man that aren't selfies!

Grandma is in serious B3 heaven.  As I write this they are playing with his birthday toys in the front room while she is teaching him new words.    He just had a minions birthday party and can say "minion" pretty well.  "MININ."  Gah... so cute.

I handed B3 a small piece of bread to throw and he immediately ate it.  lol  Smart kid.

Never would I have imagined most of my family (including me) would live in Arizona.  Now if we could only get my mom and Jeff to move here too; Jeff would definitely require some good time acclimating cuz he thinks 70 is hot [and I think that's cold!].  

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