B3 had his 2 year doctor's appointment this week and is a bit skinny, but a healthy boy.  He had to get a couple of shots and that was sad!!  Plus he popped out molars this week and earlier in the month too, so he's a champ and we love him!

Between him, work and running, I haven't been able to knock out posts like I'd hoped to since getting my sweet new computer.  I am hoping to change that.

Meanwhile, we are going to see Sully tonight and I'm pretty excited.  I hear it's a good one.  I remember the exact moment I got onto and saw the headliner was about a plane landing in the Hudson and everyone getting off of it.  Pretty remarkable.

Have a great weekend!  Back to work for me for a little bit, I'm working on a job called SkullCandy, in Park City, Utah.  I should get some sweet headphones out of the deal or something, kind of like the flat screen I never got out of those RC Willeys. 