The ends of summa.

It's been a little while since I've done a random, long post on life, such as.  We're staring fall in the face so I think it's a good time to recap some of our end-of-summer life, plus plenty of child because he IS our life!

I had a fabulous birthday last week thanks to my family and friends!  It was a great day!

My first present also had a little shirt for the B$.  He was really into unwrapping gifts which makes me excited about his birthday party this upcoming weekend.

Looking dapper...

I had just gotten done running and the family coming over was a surprise!  I swear I'm not in running clothes 500% of the time.  Just 400%.

So big news... I got a new personal computer!!  So that was surprising and awesome.  I'm on it now and it's AMAZING!!  No longer do I have to prop my computer up on a pen to try to keep it from overheating when I run Photoshop.  

When we were younger my family was at DQ buying me a cake and the employee asked, "what do you want written on it?"

*Pause pause pause*

"Happy Birthday Fatty!"  -James

The tradition is much alive.


So I bet you're just dying to know which item off my 32s list we started with.  Well, we went with #18:  go through the closet and DI.  

Fun, right??

(We also went for Rita's Italian Ice, but I forgot to add that to the list.)

So we found a house about three minutes away that we love so much, so after some time thinking about it, we put an offer in on it.  And then started de-junking our house JIC we had to put it on the market soon.

Its yard is fantastic...

Isn't it b-e-a-utiful??  Well turns out we were an hour and a dollar short because a higher offer was put in an hour before ours (or so we were lead to believe), so we're pretty bummed.  It's not over til it's over, but it's pretty much over.  I'm surprised how bummed we are and personally it's because I envisioned Bentz frolicking in the huge, grassy yard, having a childhood memorable blast.  We will find you a frolicky yard my little one.


Onto other things, Bentley growing up!!  His 2nd birthday is days away!!  We are going to have a little family party for him and he has no idea the fun that's going to be this weekend.  Baby boy is a full blown toddler and interacting with him makes it clear that his baby days are lonnnnng gone.

A coupla updates:
-He has become fixated on the fridge and pantry.  I kid you not, he is constantly dying of starvation.

-Is obsessed with doggies and FREAKS when he sees one or a picture of one, it's cute.  He likes to call them DAWS.  If we need to entertain him we can turn on a YouTube of just dogs and he will just gasp and squeal.

-Has become obsessed with his flip flops and more recently his boots have joined the mix (luckily they still fit lol).  The first thing he wants in the morning is his kicks put on.  He will tell you which one to which foot so they are often on the wrong feet or not matching in color.  Naps are with them ON and if he can't wear those specific ones to church he is very sad about it.

-Earlier this summer I let him hang out in his diaper only, but now he removes it.  No more pants-less days.  :*(  I loved his chubby little knees and skinny thighs with just the diaper.

-I don't even know how many teeth he has, but it's a lot plus some molars, more which just broke through.  He loves to brush his own teeth but once mom and dad take over he isn't so much a fan.  Once I actually tweaked my hamstring trying to brush his teeth.  It can be a challenge!!

-Understands so many words and phrases, but for the most part is pure babbling back to us with the exception of some basic words (mama/dada), or sounds that are words to him, like "please," which is more like "eee." 
cracker = cuhker
thank you = eee ew

-Will not let us put any covers on him at night.  He kicks them off.  I always fear he'll freeze but then I remember we like to sleep at 83 degrees.

-Has amazing hair

^^It is too early.

-Loves naptime and lately he has been asking me to follow him to which he'll walk straight to his crib.

-Sleeps through the night with the occasional nightmare where I'll just flop him in bed with us where he can gracefully take over.

-Is very observant!  The things he picks up on without me knowing just surprise me.  The other night he came to us brushing his own teeth (with my toothbrush lol).  He brushes his hair whenever he finds a comb.  Gets things out of the dish washer and tries to put them on/together himself (top on a sippy cup, etc.).

-He sleeps with half a dozen stuffed animals, two pillows, a blanket, and a hard book.  Making up for all those days of sleeping with nothing.

-Still organizes everything!  Especially anything in the dishwasher.  And he loves to organize while sitting on my lap still.

-And is just plain cute!!


We went to Kanab the other weekend and Bentz had a blast with his cousins.  Kanab is just over a five hour drive from us which is do-able; six hours is when it starts to feel unbearable in my mind so anything five and less (NEWPORT BEACH!) are places we can frequent.  It stormed while we visited so we couldn't hike, but we did get to enjoy the park and the rainy and fresh weather was quite nice!  Plus Kanab is so pretty!

That is all for now; the coolest thing about this post is the fact that I am writing it in bed on my sweet computer.  I am so happy about this, you have no idea, and I am hoping to get even more posts up in the future.  Hoorah for blogging in bed!


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  1. Yay for new computers!! I got one recently too!
    That house was amazing- you'll find another great one I'm sure!
    I don't think I've ever heard anyone say Kanab was pretty! It is though, I've never seen it before!