Week 10: Is the treadmill harder?

It feels like the weeks are flying by and I just realized that I have a race in < TWO weeks!  It'll be interesting, but hopefully fun.  I should probably register for it.  :P

Mom there's a rock in my shoe.

Well I've gotten my mileage back up to the 30s, but this week my legs have felt beat up and were sore non-stop!  I had a tempo, progressive, easy, and a long run, plus some light cross training.  I've been mostly doing squats, lunges, bridging, planking and some PT exercises for XT days, but I'm still so sore every time, even though it's been a few weeks since I added lower body back in.  It blows my mind how fast you can lose it compared to how long it takes to get it back.  After my long run yesterday I am so sore today!?  More sore than I recall running has made me in a lonnnnnng time, but I am also coming off a week where I had my first prescribed 8:xx paced workouts since injury, so it feels like one thing after another and I was stoked for a rest day!!

The best part of making these marathon training graphics each week is getting online to find a new font.  lol

Anywho, the days are getting so short that I've had to adjust a bulk of my weekday miles to be on the treadmill [at 5am!!  I'm crazy].  A lot of people say the treadmill is easier for them but I'm the complete opposite and my paces feel about a minute/mile harder on it, so it's going to take awhile before I'm used to ole tready again.

Going on a walk before 7am.  Who am I??

I have been trying to figure out why the treadmill is so much harder.  I have fans galore and try to keep my cadence the same, plus I watch something glorious for entertainment, and I have no idea.  I did a little research on it and came up with a couple of interesting points: 

1-The belt propels you causing you to use less of your hamstring muscles and more of your quads
 which could mess with your gait and tire you.

2-The treadmill is a constant pace, when outdoors you are able to control the pace according to your effort, so running a 9:00/mile pace on the treadmill is literally 9:00/mile regardless if your energy ebbs and flows, while out doors you can vary significantly to equal an overall 9:00/mile.

3-The treadmill can be a brain game and the monotony can just make it hard to overcome that.  I think this one is kind of a given.  No landmarks!!

I read an article where a study was done with some runners running on a track who then tried to mimic their same efforts on the treadmill without being able to see their pace.   A 6:50 track pace effort = an 8:50 pace on the treadmill!  That seems a little excessive to me, but it goes to show that the treadmill most likely isn't the same effort level as outdoor running, for easier or for harder.

My long run was 14 miles and it was pretty good and in fabulous weather!  I had 2x 4 miles at half marathon pace and although I haven't yet discussed any time goals with my coach, judging by my workout paces he's given me, I think he's thinking a 1:59.  That is probably a good goal for right now, but TBD.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I'm with you. The treadmill is SO much harder for me, so it makes me feel better reading the points you researched, as well as the results from that study!