Week 7: Love/Hate Relationship with RUNNING

Another week, another bunch of hot runs, but we are turning the corner on temperatures this week and the triple digits are disappearing and some more monsoons are rolling in.  Perfect!  The glory of training in the heat is when it cools a bit and you show up at a race, your paces feel like a breeze(ish).

So I shall tell you why I ran a 1.5 miler.  All was going well, although I'm still pretty paranoid about my hamstring on every run I embark on, but on my happy birthday I hit the treadmill during naptime and this:

  It was soooo sad that it was kind of comical -- I considered never running ever again!!!  (That is a lie.)

My coach/PT went on to say that we runners get little things that are caused by tightness and they aren't injuries, and his bet was this was one of those.  LUCKILY HE WAS RIGHT.

I sure didn't think I'd get through my long run nor that my knee would loosen up, but I did fairly easily and although I did have some knee annoyances, by seven miles they were gone, and it was a huge distraction to my hammy tendon which was NICE because I didn't notice that at all.  With all of my PT these last three months, my hammy is extra tight, and I haven't stretched as much as usual because I feel it pulling when I do, but at this point I think that has started to backfire so I'm back to more stretching. 

CRISIS AVERTED.   Plus I get to start lower body cross training now too.

Bentz is growing more molars so he hasn't slept in as late as usual, so I've done some of my running with him, which is fun.  He loves his stuffed bunny so much [that it now has no arms].

What a cute 1.98 year old!!

Speaking of my birthday, my mom bought me this cute, dainty 26.2 necklace which I love!  She knows me too well.

It looks like:

Despite the knee it was a pretty good week.

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