Week 8: Double Digits

I had a double digits run for the first time since...April?  Basically 5 months... wow... I hadn't realized that.  But I HAVE MISSED THEM.  I was worried since this weekend we're into another heat wave so I started as early as I felt safe doing, and I made it ten miles before getting too roasty toasty.  Usually a long run in the 80s+100% glorious sunshine raining down on you = tough to get through the final miles, so I was happy.

Monday was a holiday and it was a cooler, PERFECT morning, so I got my run in, then Ben ran while Bentz and I walked his route, and I wish/ed every morning started like this.  THE BEST.

I decided to take a look back and see what kind of mileage I was running this weekend last year while training for the same race, which I had run a 13 miler, so I wasn't a whole lot further along than I am now (I never ran any 20 milers a year ago though).  Good news is my knee was fine this week as was my hamstring, so perhaps my current injury/ies are becoming a thing of the PAST and I can freaking murder the next nine weeks because THERE ARE ONLY NINE MORE WEEKS MURDERABLE.

Just sitting in front of the fan to try to avoid the post-run-hair-drench.  And I really need to retire my pretty purple shoes but they go with so many outfits...

Handsome has been enjoying the a.m. workouts.


Onto another week and the fun part is family came into town and my mom gets to stay a little longer!!  Maybe Ben and I will get to run together in the a.m. too.  

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