Week 9: Getting my groove back.

Two posts in one weekend!  Does anybody even read blogs on the weekend??  Hello??  Mom?

I am finally getting to a point where I feel like I'm getting my running groove back, my cadence is pretty consistent instead of all over the place, and I feel pretty comfortable.  So yay.  I also am starting to add some faster pacing into the mix which is fun sometimes hard, but alas, I still have no idea what kind of time goal I'm going to shoot for come race day.  I feel like a PR is waaay out of reach, but I have a buncha heavier weeks of training ahead in some cooler temperatures, so despite always wanting full control of everything life, I shall wait a little longer to figure that out.

My mom was in town for a bit of this week, so we got to do some running together!!  I drop the baby monitor next to her bed, and we head out.  Waking up to grandma is probably a whole lot more fun than regular ole mom (ME).

Ben is rocking his training!  This weekend he ran a 15 miler which is the longest run he's done (he's run 15 a few times this year while training for the 1/2), but next weekend will be a new distance record for him.

The days really are getting short!  I love that long runs can start a little later in the winter, but soon I can't do my week day morning runs outside because I don't do the dark.  Even the evenings are getting dark too early!  It is only September!!

I love the areas I run!  I love the regulars I see out there also running, walking, even picking up garbage every morning because there are GOOD people out there in this nutty world.  It is the best and such a boost to exchange GOOD MORNINGS.

My mother-in-law was also in town, and her cute, 2 lb dog, Tashi, wanted to stretch with me.  It must be a dog thing, cuz Rykar bombards me whenever I'm stretching.  Now that I think of it, so does my child.

14 miler this week.  Then 16.  Then a 1/2.  Then 18.  That's as far as my long runs are scheduled and it's getting me excited.  Maybe I will get up to 20 after all.



  1. I read blogs on the weekends. I check my blog everyday. ;)

    1. Oh good, so do I! Sometimes the weekend is the only time to do blog stuff.

  2. The weather is getting amazing. We call them vampire hours because they are completed in the dark. Pretty much all my training for the near future lol.

    Awesome you got some miles in together. Wife is still recovery from foot surgery so I can't wait for our miles together. Nothing like labored breathing to bring us closer lol