Half Marathon Weekend!

Here it is, the elevation I am racing this weekend.  I pulled it up last week like WHAT THE DEVIL!?

But I will tell you why I chose this race!

1- The date - it falls within a good range distance from the marathon (5+ weeks out).  I don't really want anything closer and this will give me a chance to work on my race day nutrition.

2- Race season doesn't start in AZ until October because it's hot, so it's one of the first in Phoenix I could find.

3- The elevation was not on their website when I picked it and I imagined it would have at least some flat stretches. lol

4- It's at South Mountain, but it's a road race, so it's just gotta be pretty!

5- Signing up two weeks in advance only cost me $70, just over 5$ a mile.

6- Race morning packet pick-up, need I say more?  Otherwise I'd have to battle rush hour.


This race, the YMCA Phoenix 1/2, has a slight course profile similarity to the hardest half marathon I have ever run in my life, Groom Creek, in Prescott (which was harder than the Great Wall!!).

Groom Creek:

Goals for this race:

1) manage inclines well with pacing 
2) have a solid training day in prep of your marathon

I mentioned I might get discouraged on the big uphill if it's sunny by then, so we have decided to forgo a time goal.  Goal #3 - just have FUN!


  1. Good luck. Depending on the course I agree, south mountain is gorgeous. Watch that heat, it was still a little warm this week. Drink plenty of water and stick to that goal of pacing the inclines.

    1. I am worried about it, heat + hills sounds frustrating! The weather has been beautiful so I'm a little bummed it's warming up just for the weekend. BUT I am just going to make it fun, regardless!