Harry Potter & the Butter Beer

So I put "WATCH HARRY POTTER" on my 32 list because I am probably the only person who has gone to Harry Potter Land yet never even seen the show (insert judgement, I know).

I had an interesting conversation the other day, with my sister in-law, that went something like:

"So you ready to do a Harry Potter marathon?"

"Marathon?  Huh?"

"Watch the Harry Potters."

"There's more than one?"

"Hahaha yeah, there's like seven or eight or something."

Later that night, a conversation with Ben:

"Did you know there are seven or eight Harry Potters?!?"

"Yup, I was proud you wanted to watch it.  It's a commitment!!"


Moving on, I figured since I only have one year to fit these all in, we had better get watchin', so we watched the first Harry Potter this past weekend, complete with butter beer, or a butter beer attempt at least.  It needed some fine tuning but was fun to try to make.

Essentially you freeze some cream soda to have cream soda ice cubes to then mix with the regular cream soda for a slushy version of the butter beer (my fav type).  The downside of freezing is the lack of carbonation after melting, so when my frozen cream soda was NOT frozen after three long hours but was already lacking in carbonation, I mixed too much of it with the regular and it came out semi slushy, yet not really carbonated.  It was tasty still, and the heavy cream mixed with butterscotch topping was tasty, plus I had added butterscotch to the cream soda too so it was obviously good.

The failed freezing in process.

I mean, it looks pretty legit.

As for the movie, I actually liked it!  It came out 15 years ago (crazy) so it was obviously old, but despite not being a fantasy person, I am looking forward to the next movie.

Ben didn't like it.  I guess he had never seen the first one himself.  hahaha  He reads a lot of Brandon Sanderson, etc., fantasy, but not young adult, but he has to watch the rest with me either way.  That's what husbands do.  

Harry Potter Land in August this year.

I saw something in the theaters about the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, five movies long.  I wonder if that's something we'd/I'd be interested in.


  1. I read the books and didn't like the adaptation to movies but still very enjoyable. Watch the others, he will find some of them,pretty cool.

  2. I can't believe it's been 15 years. Holy. moly. I remember watching the first one in the movie theater when it came out. Your butter beer looks yum!

  3. Wow - 15 years - now I feel old. My husband and I recently did a marathon of all eight movies over two days (I was sick and stuck on the couch anyway, I swear). It was a LOT of Harry Potter all at once, but it was fun.

  4. I'm so glad you started them!! They were playing in theaters for a week here to promote the new Fantastic Beasts, so Neil and I went to see #6 again! I love them! And they get better and better!