Resolution Review (TAKE III)

My last update before my goals are done, or they're not, so here we go... a nice update and refresher for the next few months.

  • Run 1000 miles - Despite my summer setback I have caught back up, and walah, I'm ahead!  I was getting worried there for a few weeks that all was lost with this goal, but despite the loads of growing mileage pains I have had this past month+, nothing has required any extra rest days.  Knock on wood.
  • LilySlim - Personal pictureLilySlim Fitness goals tickers

  • Run 8 races - I've run five:  four 1/2s and one full.  I have two back to back marathons coming up and if I want to hit eight races I will have to find something in December!  How about something festive or of chocolate.  Or short.  lol

  • 2x PR the 1/2 marathon - I PRd ChangsPhoenix, and again at SLC.  Wanted a big PR on a downhill course but had to cancel on that one and find a later race.  One day I will focus on the 1/2, I just don't know when.

  •  PR the marathon - check and check!  I'm not sure I have another PR coming up, guess we'll see over the next month of training, but my fitness is not where it was at in the spring.

  •  Read 8 books - I'm on my 11th book! 

 I have read a lot of crime this year.  Shoulda been a detective.

  • Write 1 new song - I need to stop playing Christmas and get back to this one.  It's harder to create music when I am constantly multi-minding (piano + playing child nearby), but I need to stop making that excuse. 
  •  Print 2 years of blog books - Done!  It took three books, the last one which is being shipped our way as we speak, I think it's in the 400 page range.  I still use because it is so easy.

  •  Do something with the front room/office area -  It's the official playroom!  When you come over it's immediately like WELCOME TO OUR CIRCUS.  But I don't care, this is our life.
^^circus indeed

  • Make the guest bathroom more guest worthy - It's doable.  Minus the dog food crumbs because my puppy can't see very well these days.  Poor fellow doesn't seem to be hearing as well either, but he is healthy still which is what matters, so we will compromise on his teenage bedroom clutter.  

  • Keep the master bath cleaner - Gah, I go through phases.  I wish I had a cleaning lady come every other day.  Every day.  Twice a day?  I need to step this one up a little bit.

    • Keep blogging - Trying!

    • Drink more water - I do pretty well, although I never did bust out my Hydroflask this summer and I often add a little huge amount of caffeine to it.

    • Get back to meal planning - Thank you Blue Apron and Sunbasket for doing alllll the hard work for me.  You are the best invention ever.

      •  Whiten my teeth - Check.

      • Just be ME.  - A work in progress.

      • Be positive and trust everybody means well - A work in progress.

      • Just be a better person - Also a work in progress.

      That's all for now.  I like setting these goals because I know I would have fallen further behind on printing blogbooks (they are kinda $$), or not had a little extra motivation to read instead of scroll through Facebook, or to get up at 5:xx to run on the boring treadmill since it's too dark outside.  You know how much I love to check things off a list and I would highly recommend writing down some goals and showing them to somebody to help you stay accountable.  New Year's resolutions don't have to be big, complicated, or forgotten in two weeks!



      1. Thanks for the birthday shoot out! :)

      2. I love love love all of your goals! You are seriously amazing and so talented! My house has been turning into a circus recently too. I soooo need to dejunk and reorganize the whole dang thing. I also need to print up some blog books. Yours look great!!