Running Gear Galore

Now that we're <a month from the race, my mind is mostly churning out non-stop running related stuff, we're dialing in our nutrition, and practicing our race day practices.  For instance, while training I can plop my water and GU in the center of a route and stop by and grab it in between sets as needed, but on race day I have to actually carry it and it can be HEAVY on my waist, so I have two different belts I wear:  one is really light for the 1/2 marathon, the other is bigger and can hold the weight of six GU without them twisting the strap and bouncing all over the annoying place.  (If you're curious, this is how I carry SIX GU, chafe free.)

RUN : Run Gum 12-Pack (Mint) : Grocery & Gourmet Food
50 mg caffeine per piece and if you don't drink coffee, this is a long run pre-run caffeine shot.  (The Benefits of Caffeine for Endurance Athletes) : Body Glide for Her 1.5oz Anti Chafe Balm : Sports &...
JIC, better safe than sorry!!  I don't chafe often at all, but when I do, holy crap!!

R-Gear Drymax Dry-As-A-Bone Thin Cushion No Show 3 pack
Favorite running socks.

Forerunner 620
I love my watch! Ben has the 630 and it allows you to change your current song which is amazinger.

Feetures Women's Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab Socks
Also great running socks.

GU Original Sports Nutrition Energy Gel, Salted Caramel, 24-Count
GU, eh, it's not great, but the Salted Caramel is the best and while running it's much easier to suck down really fast than if you just opened it up and tried it. I used to use Shot Bloks or Sport Beans but it's 3 blocks = 1 GU and that is so many sweet Shot Bloks to consume!!  And one package of beans takes a lot longer to down than a quick slurp of a GU.

Motorola S11 HD Wireless Stereo Headphones Black (Certified...
My sister recommended these and they are great, especially for the price. I had heard horror stories of people having their bluetooth headphones die in the middle of the race so I never tried them until this summer. The battery is great and I can still easily keep one bud out of my ear while training.  No more cords!

Saucony Women's Triumph ISO Running Shoe
They have two newer models since these, but I dare not change yet.

CEP Women's Progressive+ Compression Run Socks 2.0
The best compression socks! I am trying a new brand out this race (PRO), so TBA how they compare but right off the bat I have noticed the PRO ones do feel like good quality but have a little less compression.

AmazonSmile : Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack : Running Waist Packs :...
Heavier duty belt I use when carrying 4+ GUs. It also fits my Note 5 in its case.

Mace Brand Pepper Mace Defense Spray- Jogger Model
Touch me and I'll mace you.

Amphipod AirFlow Microstretch Belt
This belt is lightweight and my primary go-to + 1/2 racing belt. It stretches a lot and fits my Note 5 in its case!

Free GPS tracker app so Ben can track me.

Not shown here is GOOGLE MUSIC which is the best invention!  I was a dedicated iPod user but then my techy bro introduced me to Google Music and for a small subscription fee, you can stream any song and download it in playlists to your phone while not needing any service/wifi to play them (kinda like an iPod).  It is nice to switch up my playlists without spending $1+ per song.

Basically there is a lot of stuff when it comes to running, I finally realized this when Ben and I laid it all out the night before Mt. Charleston.  Running is not free.  lol  It's freaking expensive!

But addicting and fun.

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  1. That is a lot of running gear lol. I started out with a running belt but it's awkward for me. I prefer running packs and my new UD is perfection.

    1. I have only tried running with a pack once and it really bounced and chafed my shoulders! It kept the water cooler much longer so I have been tempted to try again.

    2. Depends on what you get. I had a camelback intended for hiking so it bounced a lot. Moved to a kelty pack and I bounced too. The UD pack is made for running so it fits tight and comfortable so there is minimal bounce. I love this thing!

  2. Mine was a Camelback so maybe that was the problem. Next summer I might invest in something and try again; living in AZ it's worth the investment for sure.