The Nap Trap

We're going through this phase where B3 wants to nap really early on, like 7:45, or today it was 8:45.  He comes to me and says DEEZ DEEZ DEEZ (please) so I get up and follow a giddy boy to his crib.

Well today I told him no, it was too early and by afternoon it makes life rough because he's SO tired that it's hard to manage.  I tried a second nap once, which was great until about 8-9pm when he wanted to party, so today it was no.

That did not go over well.  But I was holding firm with a no.

It's 11.  He's been asleep for two+ hours.  

I love him.

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  1. Awww, poor little sleepy dude. I wonder at what age they start hating naps? Our little guy usually gets up around 6 (which is good since that's when I leave for work... but it's less charming on the weekends) and then will take a short nap around 8 and then another at noon, and he's out like a light by 7 pm. I'm clinging to the two naps a day for as long as it lasts! :O).